Couture-roll wanted to “kill” another soldier

martin-couture-rouleau-avait-pasMartin Couture Rouleau had no intention of going after hitting mortally Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent with his vehicle. He had a clear plan: to kill another soldier.

Armed with three knives, including an impressive dagger in serrated blade, the young jihadist freshly converted possessed all the necessary arsenal to behead his victims. These exclusive new details of the attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu last October are revealed in the book, Fabrice de Pierrebourg, former journalist of La Presse and Vincent Larouche of La Presse.

While being pursued by police, who called himself “Ahmad convert” curiously called 911. “It’s Martin … I just hit a soldier! “Has he said immediately to the dispatcher. During the brief conversation, he explained that his action was a “warning” to Canada and claimed that the Canadian army “arrives Coalition” fighting against international Islamic State group.

“I will not surrender. I’ll pass another soldier and shoot him. “Said Martin Couture-Rouleau, before ending the call.

Shortly after, leaving his damaged vehicle, he raised his arms in the air, but surprised the police officers charging them with his dagger. “He has a knife … he has a knife,” shouted one of them. Some twenty shots were then fired. Martin Couture-Roll has finally been killed without his plan materialized.

In a sometimes breathless narrative, the authors of immerse readers in the Montreal troubling jihadist web where influential preachers are active on social networks and dozens of young converts dream of Syria. To set the table on these new forms of domestic terrorism, the authors return to the radicalization of lone wolf jihadists Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, bomber Ottawa, and Martin Couture-roll.

“For years, theorists of jihad, Islamic State or al-Qaida advocate on social networks gestures as committed Rouleau and Bibeau. They understood that ultimately it was not the number of fatalities is important, it is the gesture itself. The impact roller and Bibeau was huge in Canada, “says Fabrice Pierrebourg.

An influential preacher

The authors explain in particular solitary Wolves, dormant cells and fighters that the men were followers of the British radical preacher Anjem Choudary. The latter was also followed diligently by the perpetrators of the massacre of a soldier beheaded in the street in London, in May 2013, in a modus operandi strangely reminiscent of Martin Couture-roll.

The young father had also failed to leave the country to visit Pakistan in early 2014, encouraged by a man she met on the internet. His goal: to swell the ranks of a formidable Pakistani Taliban group, in particular responsible for the attack against the young Malala, now Nobel Peace Prize. But aspiring mujahid the greatness of ideas fell into the water when his flight was canceled by a snowstorm.

Made aware of the radicalization of young Quebecers in April 2014, the authorities blocked the reimbursement of their tickets by the airline to stop flying to Pakistan, we learn in the book for the first time. However, the RCMP declined custody after being reassured by the behavior of Couture-roll during a meeting with it.

A blow to the RCMP, since a few days later, the jihadi going into action. “What is very disturbing in the history of roller is that it was detected. There had been alertness and his case had been reported to the police. He was met and prevented from going abroad. […] It is symptomatic of the complexity of these investigations there, it shows that the police have their hands full, that their work is very ungrateful. The margin for error is zero, “says Fabrice Pierrebourg.

A porous border

To understand how dozens of Canadians were able to join the EI, some young Maisonneuve college, the journalist experience went to the border between Turkey and Syria. He saw first hand that it was “very easy” to cross the border, true gateway of Western jihadists. “We got all offer openly pass on the other side. It really would not cost us dearly. ”

Although the Turkish military presence has increased, the investigative journalist has observed many empty observation posts on the border. “In the countryside, there are breeders who put more barbed wire to prevent their cows to escape! ”

Martin Couture-Rouleau n’avait pas l’intention de se rendre après avoir heurté… – image 2.0
Excerpts from the book
He composes 911. The dispatcher answers.

– It’s Martin … I just hit a soldier!

The conversation begins between the two men. Roll talking on a calm tone. He said his gesture is a “warning” that comes to Canada to engage in the battle against the Islamic state. He never will refer to Allah, contrary to what was mentioned later in the media.

– I ask them to disembark from the Coalition, he adds.

– Why do not you see, Martin? asks the employee 911.

– I will not surrender, replica roll, I’ll pass another soldier and shoot him.


A police approached with care of the car and smashed a window.

– Get out of your car! Get out of your car! she shouts to roll.

“Ahmad convert” is sounded by the accident, but he did not admit defeat. It extract the vehicle, raising his arms in the air to simulate his surrender, then, in a final gesture of bravado, it loads police his dagger in his hand.

– He has a knife … a knife, one of them shouts. It is 11:41. Some twenty shots slam, Roll collapses, hit in the head and body before the camera lens of the police vehicle.


– You want to cross?

It has only a few minutes we find ourselves in a gravel lane Karkamis, municipality Turkish border with Syria, we are approached by two young men in their mid-twenties, the jauntily, each with a sandwich the hand. Their offer is direct and unambiguous. The price, it is negotiable. It usually takes 20 Turkish lira (about 10 Canadian dollars) for Syrians who want to return home, more expensive – at least $ 30 – for foreign fighters. The caliphate of sinister reputation, is a few tens of meters away […].


In Karachi, Roll of the young friend thinks he has found a rational explanation for his actions. A symbolic attack politically motivated, not a moment of madness. “If Canada had not prevented from leaving Syria, Pakistan and Iraq, all this would never have happened, we he will say during one of our many exchanges. It was a reaction … Noting that he could do nothing for Muslims on the ground, he could participate in contrast to resistance on Canadian soil. That’s why he attacked the soldiers. No one can understand it.


– Give me all the money … All the money!

The trader complied. He began to bake his recipe in a bag. Not fast enough to taste the young robber stressed that showed more aggressiveness.

– Faster, faster! he shouted to his terrified victim. The filled bag, Ali decamped at full speed. In a burst of adrenaline, the merchant went on for a short distance with a stool in hand before stopping. […]

Ali fled with about $ 2,200, more than enough to finance his dream of spring towards jihad, responding to the call of the tribune.

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