Crash in Egypt: EI prove that he destroyed the plane “when he wills»

membres-ministere-russe-situations-urgenceThe armed group Islamic State reiterated Wednesday to be responsible for the crash of the Russian aircraft in the Egyptian Sinai desert, but no new facts have come support the hypothesis of an attack.

The jihadist group also claimed a new deadly attack against the Egyptian police in Sinai.

In Cairo, the experts continued examining the two black boxes, one of which preserves the sounds and conversations in the cockpit and the other flight parameters. They hope they will decide between the two hypotheses proposed to explain the catastrophe that has 224 people: the bombing or technical accident.

In a short audio message posted on his Twitter account usual, the Egyptian branch of the IU, “Sinai Province”, reaffirmed its responsibility, five days after announcing that he had “brought down” the plane.

But the jihadist group adds that it is not up to him to demonstrate and deliver it in the demonstration when he wants to. “We have no obligation to explain how it crashed,” says a man who will not put their identity. “Bring debris and loot them, bring your black boxes and analyze them, and tell us what are the results of your investigation,” says the member of the EI. “Prove that we did not crash and how it actually fell, we will deliver the details of how he fell when we have chosen,” he concludes.

In another message on Twitter, the jihadist group claimed an attack Wednesday by a suicide bomber who detonated his car bomb outside a police club in Al-Arish, capital of North Sinai province, killing At least four police officers according to state media.

“Sinai Province”, which commits almost daily deadly attacks on police and soldiers, said the attack was conducted in retaliation to “the arrest of Bedouin women by apostate forces” in the region.

Sissi in London

It is in this context that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi left Cairo Wednesday for a three-day visit to London, the agency Mena.

During a telephone conversation, he agreed with British Prime Minister David Cameron of the need to “ensure the strictest possible security” at the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh, where the plane had taken off Russian, said London.

This airport welcomes each day thousands of tourists from a holiday on the shores of the Red Sea.

President Sissi warned Tuesday in an interview with the BBC, it would take “some time” to determine the cause of the crash, even though he called Wednesday in the British Daily Telegraph “unfounded speculation” l The idea of ​​an attack of IE.

The analysis of the black boxes, which started Tuesday in the premises of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation, is complex depending in particular on the state of recording, did we indicated in the survey areas .

The Airbus A321 crashed Saturday morning in Sinai 23 minutes after taking off. Its occupants, 217 passengers and seven crew members, all perished in the crash, the worst air disaster ever to hit Russia.

The search continued Wednesday to find the last bodies of victims and potential clues to a large desert area.

Thirty-three bodies have so far been identified, said Igor Albin, the deputy governor of St. Petersburg, the Russian city where most were from victims.

“Flash of heat”

The CNN quoted an anonymous US official, said a US military satellite had detected a “heat flash” from the Airbus at the time of the tragedy. This “suggests that a catastrophic event – including possibly a bomb – occurred in flight,” the source said.

For Metrojet company, only an “external” factor can explain the crash. It thus rejected the possibility of “technical failure” or “pilot error” and said that the plane was in “excellent condition”.

According to experts interviewed by AFP, the unit had to undergo a shock suddenly extremely to the point that the driver has instantly lost control.

It is possible that the plane could be reached to nearly 10 000 meters by a missile of the type available to the EI in Sinai. This leaves two possibilities: a technical problem causing an explosion and immediate dislocation of the device leaving no time for the driver to communicate – rare case according to experts – or a bomb, brought into the unit by an occupant or placed on board by a member of ground staff.

For experts, even a small explosive device is sufficient to open a breach in the cabin and thus disrupt the device due to the high altitude pressurization.

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