Crash in Egypt: “high probability” of a bomb EI

chef-diplomatie-britannique-philip-hammondIt is “highly probable” that a member or sympathizer of jihadist Islamic State group had placed a bomb in the Russian Airbus that broke apart over the Sinai in Egypt, acknowledged Monday the head of British diplomacy Philip Hammond .

“It is more likely that there was a bomb on board the plane as the opposite,” Hammond said on CNN television while he is visiting Washington to meet his US counterpart John Kerry .

“There is a high probability that the EI is involved,” said the British minister.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier on Monday admitted the possibility of a “terrorist act” was behind the October 31 crash of the Russian Airbus in Egypt while several countries and experts suggest several days the thesis of the attack.

The Egyptian branch of EI jihadist group had assured to be responsible for the crash of the device in the Sinai desert, which has claimed the lives of 224 passengers and crew members, nearly all Russians.

Several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, had already raised the track of a bomb on board the Airbus Metrojet Russian company, which was to rally St. Petersburg, Russia, from Sharm el -Cheikh, Egypt.

“This does not mean that it was an attack from the headquarters of the IU in Syria,” Hammond explained, however.

“This has been the fact of an individual inspired by EI, which is self-radicalized by watching the propaganda of the EI and acting on its behalf without this being directed” by the ultraradicale organization has further argued the head of British diplomacy on CNN.

London was the first country last week to discuss the trail of a bomb attack which caused the plane crash of Russian line.

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