Criminal charges for fleeing police

ans-sherbrooke-doitA man of 42 years of Sherbrooke must answer for his conduct at the wheel in court after being chased by police on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Daniel Bernier was accused of dangerous driving causing injury, leakage of police, dangerous driving and possession of cocaine at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Court of Québec was released after he promised to respect various conditions including that not to drive.

Patrol officers conducted surveillance of Bernier vehicle that was parked in the parking lot of the bar Le Figaro in eastern Sherbrooke.

“The police noticed that the driver had not paid its registration fees. So they conducted surveillance, “said the spokesman of the Police Service of Sherbrooke, Philippe Dubois.

When the individual left the bar, the police followed.

“The driver realized he was being followed, so he fled. He caused two swerving in his flight, “said the spokesman for the SPS.

The suspect crashed into a patrol vehicle in a stationary vehicle and a vehicle coming from the opposite direction on the Longpré street.

“The suspect vehicle stopped on Bowen Street because he could no longer advance after

collision he caused, “said the spokesman for the SPS.

Six of offense of the Highway Safety Code have also been issued by the SPS.

It’s Me Marie-Line Ducharme who represents the prosecution in this case.

A teenager missing in Magog

Authorities are looking for a girl Magog missing since last Wednesday.

After a dispute with his parents, Julie Robidoux Taillon would obviously run away from home. She was seen for the last time at 0h 30, the night of April 12 to 13.

Robidoux Julie Taillon measure 1.68m (5’03 ”) and weighs approximately 55kg (120 lbs). It has black and blond hair and blue eyes. She also sports several tattoos, including one inside the wrist.

On his Facebook page, the girl made comments worrying April 5, stating that “words hurt and remains engraved in our thoughts” and that “the wicked words can be very touching and can seriously harm how to the heart” .

“What we know for now is that it is his desire to run away from it, but we do not know where she went and with whom. That is what is worrying for the moment, “says the investigator Danny Blouin of the Memphrémagog police board.

People holding information that can help find Robidoux Julie Taillon, please dial 819 843-3334.

Roger Marmonier released conditionally

Roger Marmonier was released under various conditions including the elderly to stay in a residence suitable to his condition.

The individual’s record of 84 years accused of various charges of driving while impaired was back at the Sherbrooke courthouse Friday.

Marmonier is charged with driving while impaired causing harm and dangerous driving.

Drunk driving his car, the man of 84 years has reversed a pedestrian on February 22 on 13th Avenue at the street of Muguets.

The accused, who remains in this sector was in a drunk at this late point that it was impossible for the police to conduct a breath sample. They obtained a warrant in order to proceed to a taking of a blood sample in order to determine his blood alcohol level.

Marmonier underwent a psychiatric evaluation for criminal responsibility at the time of the facts alleged against him.

The details of the report will be discussed on his return to the court on May 16.

At the start of proceedings, the accused had been declared fit to face the court proceedings, but the judge granted the request of defense for the assessment under Article 16 of the Criminal Code.

This discussion will be made on the return Marmonier court in May.

The accused must stay in the hospital until a place becomes available in his new residence. He will reside there 24 hours a day.

He had to deposit $ 1000 to ensure compliance with its conditions of release. The court banned him from driving, drinking alcohol and communicate with the victim in this case. Roger Marmonier must also comply with all recommendations of his doctor.

It’s Me Caroline Monette defending the accused in this case, while Me Laila Belgharras represents the Crown.

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