Croatia will allow passage of migrants

migrants-ete-interpelles-police-croateCroatia said Wednesday that it would allow safe passage for migrants en route to Western Europe and called a meeting of his National Security Council to discuss the management of the migration crisis.

“They (the migrants) can pass through Croatia and we work in this (…). We are ready to accept these people, regardless of their religion and the color of their skin, and direct them to the destinations where they wish to go, Germany and Scandinavia, “said Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, responding Croatian elected during a session of Parliament.

The Croatian Prime Minister made these statements while the first migrants came in the morning in this country of the European Union, over 150 according to him.

“These people are here (…), but do not want to come to Croatia and Hungary, and I do not understand where the problem is to let them through,” said Mr. Milanovic who has engaged in a virulent criticism of Hungary, a country closed its border migrants.

“I do not approve the policy of Budapest and considers it harmful and dangerous. The wall construction will stop person and sends a horrible message, “he has insisted on referring to the barbed wire fence erected by Hungary along the 175 km border with Serbia.

“They (the migrants) will be allowed to pass through Croatia and we are working intensely in this (…) we will not forget that we are human beings, most of us Christians. Many in Europe argue proud to be Christians, but their behavior is just the opposite, “added Mr. Milanovic.

Kolinda Grabar Croatian President Kitarovic, has, meanwhile, warned “against the consequences of the wave of migrants and its potential social, economic and security.” “It is necessary to convene a meeting of the National Security Council on this issue,” said a statement from the presidency. The meeting could take place this Friday or next Tuesday.

The National Security Council also includes the head of the state, including the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Defense, Interior and Justice, as well as heads of the police and intelligence services.


Main transit country in Central Europe for migrants wishing to join Western Europe with over 200,000 passes since the beginning of the year, Hungary was barricaded in the night of Monday to Tuesday behind a fence barbed wire, pushing migrants to look for other input channels in Western Europe.

The Tovarnik police, in eastern Croatia, has reported that 181 migrants had arrived in the morning.

A group of 30-40 people, mostly made up of Syrians and Afghans with children, crossed the border to Tovarnik, after passing through the Serbian town of Sid, according to AFP journalists.

“Hungary closed its border, which is why we came to Croatia, no choice,” says one of them, Waqar, a Pakistani 26 years.

The migrants were arrested by the Croatian police just after crossing the “green border” – through the fields – and taken to Tovarnik to be registered and receive them, if necessary, treatment.

After closing the Hungarian border, according to police data Wednesday, only 367 migrants have illegally entered Hungary yesterday. With the deterrent legislation introduced by the government of populist Vikltor Orban, they were all arrested and face up to five years in prison.

“Afraid to go in Croatia»

The border crossing at Horgos, main crossing point to the Serbian-Hungarian border was still closed on Wednesday morning. About 200 migrants have spent the night there, for the luckiest in tents made available by humanitarian organizations, the other on the floor, according to an AFP reporter.

“I hope the Hungarians will open the border. I am afraid of being blocked in Croatia. I want to travel to Western Europe. I do not want to stay in Croatia or Slovenia, because I do not know the country, “says Racha, 26, an English teacher in Damascus who is traveling with her five year old girl.

Since Turkey also refugees, mainly Syrian, decided to look for another way than the sea – so deadly – to reach Europe.

Hundreds stormed Tuesday the bus station in Istanbul with the hope of winning Edirne (northwest) door earth entrance to Greece. Some took the road on foot, with their children and bags in the back, for a walk of 250 km up to Edirne.

A thousand gathered Wednesday in this city under the control of the security forces in the hope of a possible move to Greece, reported an AFP photographer.

New EU summit

The determination of migrants and refugees – many fleeing conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – puts Europe to the test and Berlin seem to face the end patience differences within the EU. Europe, which saw 500,000 migrants arriving since the beginning of the year, through its migration crisis taken since 1945.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Austrian counterpart Werner Faymann called for the rapid holding of a European summit to agree on a binding allocation of 120 000 refugees after the failure of the previous interior ministers of the 28.

The main challenge will be to convince the countries of Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania) reluctant to accept the massive reception of refugees. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, will consult.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico also wished a summit of the EU, but to reiterate its rejection of them be “dictating” quotas.

EU interior affairs ministers must, themselves, meet on September 22 in Brussels for another extraordinary meeting.

Overwhelmed by the influx of tens of thousands of refugees – she waits up to one million in 2015 – Germany announced Sunday night reinstatement of border controls, and has brought in its wake Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Austria Wednesday in his first border controls.

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