Crown doubt that Guy Turcotte has really wanted to commit suicide

guy-turcotteGuy Turcotte killed his children. Then he drank washer. He knew that death would be a long time coming and he called his mother to come and save him.

It is assumed that the Crown Attorney René Verret has submitted to the psychiatrist Louis Morissette Thursday at the trial of Guy Turcotte. Dr. Morissette, who evaluated the mental state of Mr. Turcotte as part of his defense of not criminally responsible, is convinced that the accused really wanted to kill himself. He also thinks he drank windshield washer before killing her children. He cites as evidence the fact that there was no blood on the cap of the bottle washer. There were in against (that of Anne-Sophie) on the can and a glass, signs he certainly taken after drinking.

However, in its report, the psychiatrist reported twice as methanol is not involved in the death of children. According to him, the adjustment disorder and suicidal raptus that led him to act as he did. He no longer thought logically.

The prosecutor then pulled a rabbit out of his hat. In an interview he gave to Benoit Dutrisac, on 15 January, Mr. Morissette attributed the tragedy to three factors: Mr. Turcotte mental disorder, suicidal raptus and methanol ingestion.

“You admit having said that there were three factors,” asked me Verret?

“Yes, I have always agreed. But the main driver is not intoxication. Methanol is marginal, “replied the witness.

Mr. Verret also confronted the witness with another segment of this interview. “You say Guy Turcotte was very violent in a space of time, a Friday night. That during a period, an hour or two but probably less than an hour, it was very violent. What allowed you to speculate on the duration? “The witness replied that he had always had the same understanding of the offense.

Mr. Morissette had also said during the interview that drinking three glasses washer is “like drinking three glasses of brandy.” What is wrong. Methanol ethyl indeed weaker than the consumable alcohol.

The witness admitted that he knows more today methanol.

Morissette psychiatrist testifies for the third consecutive day.

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