Cry of the heart of the ECJ

ordre-habituel-on-retrouve-sebastien(Trois-Rivieres), While Quebec has forced the carrefours jeunesse-emploi refocus their mission for the sake of economy, they are launching a cry of the heart for no longer having to exclude the clientele of students and workers.

“Since the 1st of April, we had to deny access to 168 people. With the new criteria, there are people to whom we must say no when they come in to seek help,” said the director of the ECJ Three-Rivers/MRC Des Chenaux, Sébastien Morin.

It was also moved as a result of the testimony of Joanie Sutherland who was accompanied by the ECJ. The participant is returned to later in his journey to occupy today a job with a recruiting firm. The turning point will have been his involvement in Youth in action. “I have come to believe that I had potential and I felt useful to do volunteer work,” said the 23-year old girl.

“Thousands of young people like Joanie walk through the doors of youth employment centers in the region and throughout Quebec each year. It is important that our organizations remain accessible and centred on the needs of young people in all their entirety,” says Dr. Morin.

Hence the importance of the memory, which was filed on the 12th August by the réseau des carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec (RCJEQ) in view of the upcoming québec youth Policy.

“We want to give all young people in Quebec have access to services that meet their needs, the services connected to their reality. That is why we maintain that it is necessary to support the carrefours jeunesse-emploi in their role as a youth actor must for the youth of their community. We don’t have the means to spend no young,” said the director general of the RCJEQ, Alexander Soulières, who presented the recommendations to the ECJ in the region.

These relate to the healthy lifestyles of young people, the perseverance and academic success, the role of youth in the labour market, socio-economic inclusion as well as young people’s civic involvement.

“Thousands of young people from 16 to 35 years of age are accompanied each year by the réseau des carrefours jeunesse-emploi de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Québec, in their efforts to social and economic inclusion, by helping them to find meaningful employment, return to school or start a small business,” said Mr. Morin.

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