CSRS postpones the construction of the school C

ecole-c-devrait-ouvrirThe new elementary school expected to live up to the Matisse Street in Rock Forest will welcome its first students in 2018 at the back, a year later than expected.

Two reasons for the postponement of the school building, according to the School Board in Region-de-Sherbrooke (CSRS). With the construction of René-Lévesque Boulevard, infrastructure will not be ready for the 2017 school year.

In addition, the City of Sherbrooke is not currently able to give in the school organization in the field provided to the school, because the city is still in talks with the owner of the land.

“As long as the infrastructure is not built to get to the school grounds, it was nice to want to build, we are left with land in a field picture Carl Mercier, deputy director general for administration to CSRS. It is better to wait until the City in the construction of the boulevard. ”

If all had gone as planned, the school building C (temporary name) would have started during the summer.

Construction of René-Lévesque Boulevard to begin in October 2016. The work of the portion leading to the school must be completed in late summer 2017. At that time, the land coveted by the CSRS will be served by aqueducts and sewers. In addition, it will be accessible by the municipal road network.

CSRS had received permission in June of Quebec to build C. Quebec school has reserved nearly $ 9 million for this project.

This grant is conditional, however. CSRS had to confirm in writing that Quebec is “owner of suitable land for such construction” or she must pass a “firm commitment of the City of Sherbrooke to graciously cede the property (…)” of a terrain.

Taking possession of the land is however not yet reached with the current owner. CSRS therefore asked the Ministry to extend the nine-month deadline to confirm the CSRS fulfills the conditions for the granting of the subsidy.

“The construction will start from the end of summer 2017, because that is where we will have access to the boulevard,” notes Carl Mercier about the school. Impact on students

The postponement of the construction is likely to have impacts on schools Maisonnée, Notre-Dame-de-Liesse and Adventurers who are in situation of students passing. The first two have been enlarged and the Raiders opened the last school year.

Carl Mercier noted that administrative transfers loomed on the horizon for next year.

“What we’ll have to do is to see if we can send students to Woody-Fabi and Beaulieu” notes Mr. Mercier stressing that these two institutions are not filled to maximum capacity. Students who were attending the 2015 Maisonnée to return have already been moved to the Boise-Fabi.

It was inaugurated in the last school year, along with the Raiders. Beaulieu in Rock Forest, had been enlarged in recent years. Carl Mercier noted that the school board will evaluate the solutions with the least inconvenience to the students.

Meanwhile, the CSRS should also review its membership territories, which determines which school is attended by a pupil. CSRS had started working on this issue in order to create the territory of the school C. This must serve a new development of 1,800 housing units to be built in the coming years, along with part customer of Maisonnée, Adventurers and Notre-Dame-de-Liesse.

The organization particularly expected data from the Ministry before working on more specific scenarios. The adoption of new territories membership could take place early next year, in anticipation of the 2018 school year.

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