CSST: generous character, big impact

selon-csst-95-quebecois-jugentDarling actor Quebecers Claude Legault got more than $ 750,000 in five years to be the spokesperson of the advertising campaigns of the Committee for Health and Safety (CSST), according to information obtained through the Access to Information Act. His generous compensation, however, seems to produce results: bumper advertisements putting Featured contributed to the decline in the number of work accidents, the Commission considers.

“The reputation and credibility Claude Legault media have made talking about health and safety in the public square. Which of course helped us to advance the concept of health and safety in the minds of Quebecers, “says Geneviève Trudel, spokesman for the Standards Commission, equity, health and safety Work (CNESST), the result of the recent merger of the CSST with two other NGOs.

The presence of popular actor in commercials encouraging workers and employers to be more cautious had “positive effects” on the balance sheet accidents. Since 2011, fatal accidents fell by 40%, while the number of accidents and occupational diseases continued its slow decline.

The inspections in the workplace and “zero tolerance under construction” have also helped to reduce by 40% the number of work accidents since the 2000s.

Media and advertising benefits

Last year, the star of the police series 19-2 pocketed $ 125,000 to be the face of prevention of occupational accidents in the national campaign of the CSST. The actor had obtained more than $ 170,000 in 2012 and 2013. “The presence of Claude Legault generated media and advertising benefits that are greater than what we invested,” says Geneviève Trudel to justify given the generous stamp actor.

Nevertheless, the Commission advertising expenses are “remained the same” since it was put under contract, adds the spokesperson. They amounted to 1.2 million in 2014, down sharply from previous years, shows a compilation provided by the CSST following a request for access to information. The Shared Services Centre of Quebec, which centralizes the advertising purchases, got almost all of these are.

According to the CSST, 95% of Quebecers deem credible Claude Legault in his role as spokesman for health and safety. “It’s still excellent results for an advertising campaign of this guy,” says Geneviève Trudel. This however could not confirm whether Claude Legault would resume his role as spokesperson this year. “It’s much too soon. The advertising concept for the 2016 campaign is being prepared. “The agency of the actor declined our interview request.

In 2014, 57 Quebecers died in a work accident, a fall of 10% compared to the previous year. This poor record has improved dramatically since the dark year of 2010. No fewer than 94 workers had died then, a jump of 50% in one year. More than one hundred workers also died of occupational diseases, such as asbestosis, in 2014.

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