Cure of youth coming to McDonald of King Street West

mcdonalds-rue-king-ouestThe McDonald’s of King St. West should a makeover soon. If the rumors persist for some years on the transformation of the restaurant is the approval of the franchisor who will attest to everything.

“We are not ready to apply for a permit for restaurant renovations. We depend on the franchisor and we are waiting for what will be approved for the plans. It is a process that can be long, “says Katia Cyr, Director of Communications and Marketing for McDonald’s restaurants in Sherbrooke (with the exception of King Street).

“This is a restaurant that has forty years, but it is very functional. We have already changed the kitchens and offices redone. There have always been updates, but we are still on an older model. ”

There is no plan has been approved, but Ms. Cyr admits that plans exist. “We work with several scenarios, both for the complete reconstruction and renovation. What we are aiming at is to establish updated. The question of efficacy is still there, because it is the outer shell that needs work. ”

“We are conducting a major transformation of several of our restaurants.”

It was not possible to know whether adding service terminals or the coming of the concept “Create Burger” should expect changes to the restaurant or they will be implanted before. At headquarters, it provides very little explanation. It was noted that many restaurants have undergone renovations since 2012.

“We are conducting a major transformation of several of our restaurants to upgrade the customer experience. This transformation includes over 1,000 restaurants across the country. Due to the large number of restaurants in turn, we have not yet the precise details and the timetable for the transformation of the McDonald’s restaurant located on King Street West in Sherbrooke. We are excited about this new chapter in the evolution of our restaurants and we look forward to sharing a project update when more details will be confirmed, “said Anne-Julie Maltais, Director of Communications, Eastern Region, for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, in an email sent to the Tribune.

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