Curling: brightly struggles at the top

equipe-sag-lac-2Unbeaten after three parts, Yannick Martel training is well positioned to access the elimination rounds of the Provincial Mixed Championship underway at the Chicoutimi club, but to make the team Sag-Lac 2 will consolidate its position among the first two teams from pool A.

“With 3-0 and two games left, we are well positioned. One is assured of a tiebreaker “says Yannick Martel who plays along with Ginette Simard, Alexandre Ferland and Marie-Josée Précourt.

Currently the team Sag-Lac 2 sits atop Section A, but it still has a great challenge before her Friday. Martel cross swords against the Sag-Lac 3 formation of François Gionest at 8:30 am, before facing at 24:30 the favorite and defending champion of the tournament, Maxime Elmaleh (Quebec). In terms of the day Thursday, Yannick Martel had the best 8-3 against Sonny Melançon Abitibi (North 2). The day before he had won 7-5 against William Dion (Estrie) and 5-4 against the team Sag-Lac 1 Pierre-Luc Morissette and not vice versa as it was written on Thursday morning. A pointing error on the tournament website has indeed caused the mistake, since for ten minutes, the result posted in the evening had put Morissette winner before being corrected.

Thursday, he continued its momentum to regain provisional leader of pool A. Is it surprised to find himself in a better position? “I knew we could do it. We, stone by stone we play, a piece at a time. We want to play well and we play well. I have experienced players with me, “notes Martel.

It thickens the top

In Section A, the struggle remains strong at the top as the team Sag-Lac 1 Pierre-Luc Morissette now has a record of three wins, one loss and one more match to play Friday. Regional training, supplemented by Sophie Morissette Véronique Desjardins and Robert Bouchard, had a successful day of two wins in as many games. She first signed a 5-3 win against William Dion, in addition to prevail 6-4 favorite, Elmaleh.

François Gionest (Sag-Lac 3) and Nathalie Gagnon teammates, Jean-François Charest and Ann-Sophie Guérin also have a big day ahead of them. Besides Yannick Martel early in the day, they will face William Dion 16:30. With a record of one win (against a Sonny Melançon) and two losses (Pierre-Luc Morissette and Maxime Elmeleh), the team Sag-Lac 3 has no choice but to win Friday to improve its chances access the elimination rounds, and again. “It takes us two wins tomorrow (Friday) against Yannick (Martel) and William Dion, but it does not provide us a position in the series. It’s accessible, but they are good players and it will take good games, “states the team captain Sag-Lac 3.

In pool B, the team of Martin Ferland (Mauricie) – which includes the Chicoutimienne Isabelle Néron-, is also in an excellent position with a 3-0 record and two games left.

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