The Curling Club Sherbrooke considering moving

stationnement-quelque-125The construction of the new bridge Grandes-Fourches should not start until next year, but it already induce the curling club to move Sherbrooke, learned Tribune.

The possible loss of some 125 parking places was behind the move of the club installed on the street Abenaki for over 100 years, since 1914.

No scenario is currently excluded. A partnership with a university and the construction of a new building would be especially considered.

The President of the Club, Claude Lemieux, confirmed that a general meeting was held on Saturday, but declined to confirm the information obtained by the newspaper.

The Sherbrooke Curling Club is the third oldest curling club in Quebec and the second oldest sports club of the city of Sherbrooke. In addition to its 200 members, it hosted 1,200 participants in 2015.

The building is nearly 30,000 square feet and has three ice.

Recall that the city wants to move the bridge to the west by building a roundabout at the height of the Terrill Street. The bridge then cross the river near where the place is located Nikitotek and lead close to the Wellington Street North. The outdoor stage should then be moved. The reconfiguration of Terrill sector would result in the demolition of two viaducts MTQ still have some life. Discussions with the Ministry of Transport of Quebec were to conclude last winter. The request of the City to the Department of $ 15 million for the demolition of three structures, reconstruction of the new bridge and the construction of the roundabout.

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