Cuts in two nursing homes

syndicat-martine-coteThe Union of nursing and cardiorespiratory care of the Chicoutimi Health Centre (FIQ) strongly condemns the new cuts announced Monday morning by the leadership of integrated university Centre for health and social services (CIUSSS).

Two Eldercare Chicoutimi will suffer cuts. A situation that the FIQ unacceptable.

Martine Côté, President of the FIQ, is “embittered”. Monday morning, the direction of CIUSSS met with union representatives to inform them of new cuts.

Eight beds will be closed Eldercare Beaumanoir resulting in the loss of a nurse, a nursing station and a night nurse station. The Eldercare Hill, 15 transitional beds will be transferred to private. Finally, a post orderly will be added.

Management should meet with employees on Wednesday to inform them of the news, but Martine Côté refused to wait. “I have informed my people immediately after having learned,” she confirms.

The FIQ strongly opposes further cuts.

“How can we cut jobs and reorganize the work of a team when people are already out of breath? Everything has been reorganized several times. It enrages me to see that person in this direction is able to see that it will deteriorate. I ulcerated anyone being able to tell the direction that we can not and we do not want. Care is already precarious, “she says.

“This is a decision taken CIUSSS the sole purpose of saving $ 250,000. Fiscal austerity is reflected in our communities and it is our duty, as healthcare professionals, to denounce the unacceptable, “she says.

Martine unacceptable side the already overburdened staff should be affected by cuts.

She is also concerned about the consequences of this decision on beneficiaries.

“Care professionals, as families Chicoutimi having hosted a parent, make daily observation: patients in nursing homes are increasingly bad shape and they need active nursing. These are the healthcare professionals who can prevent falls, assess wounds and adjust the treatment according to the evolution of the mental and psychological health, “she insists.

If my mother was in a nursing home, I’d be worried. Not because people lack the will, but because they can do everything. People are overloaded. ”

The head of communications of University Centre Integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) in the region refused to comment on the new Monday. “We will begin by informing our employees. They do not all have yet been met, “said Marc-Antoine Tremblay.

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