Cuts to CPE: proposed closure days

rappelons-gouvernement-veut-supprimer-120(Quebec) Early Childhood Centres of (CPE) are “ready to close from time to time” to force the government to abandon Couillard further cuts, announced the Association québécoise des CPE (AQCPE) on social networks yesterday .

About the same time, Quebec has an agreement with another CPE association, the Conseil québécois educational childcare services to children (CQSGEE), about the creation of a “negotiating committee” on financing CPE.

Recall that the government wants to eliminate $ 120 million in financing CPE and subsidized private daycares in 2016-2017. That is 46 million more than the cuts this year. To make the cuts, Quebec associations submitted a funding proposal for reform that raised controversy last fall. The last meeting between Québec and network associations on this reform has stalled, December 18.

“A gain of paramount importance”

The government has to agree with the CQSGEE to set up a “negotiating committee” chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Family, Jacques Robert and Director General of the association, Francine Lessard. According to the latter, there is a “gain of paramount importance”, as the Minister Francine Charbonneau far refused to negotiate with the CPE about reforming their funding.

Ms. Charbonneau only wanted to “discuss” and “exchange” with the associations. The negotiation may avoid a drop in subsidies and target tracks consensual savings, estimated Francine Lessard.

The largest association of CPE, the AQCPE, however, is not part of the bargaining committee. “She is welcome if it wishes to join,” said the press officer Ms. Charbonneau, Salim Idrissi.

But AQCPE “does not give credibility” to that committee, said a spokeswoman, Marie-Claude Lemieux. The association says have “exhausted all levers discussion” with the government. It nevertheless called for the establishment of a negotiating table there is a month. It launches these days a new mobilization campaign. This campaign could lead to closure days. The AQCPE consult its members about this.

In 2013, more than 200 subsidized private daycare were closed for a day to protest against the government. This leverage had earned them fines totaling $ 800,000.

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