Dagenais little chance for customers to be reimbursed

1173024Everything indicates that customer Philippe Dagenais furniture will not be refunded.

According to La Presse, in a letter from the trustee Raymond Chabot clearly states consumers affected will not be reimbursed by the company that is struggling to save it from bankruptcy.

On 1 April, Dagenais Group sheltered from creditors under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Recall that the company operated four furniture stores in Quebec, Brossard, Bromont, Laval and Sherbrooke.

The shops are closed since March 31 and no reopening date has been established, the Montreal newspaper stated.

The group’s debt stood at $ 15.7 million. In the list of creditors, the line “customer deposits” is accompanied by a sum of 3.8 million. This is the largest sum of all creditors (regular and guaranteed).

In his letter, the trustee says that “different scenarios with various stakeholders” are analyzed to “determine the ability to honor customer orders the Company” said La Presse.

It adds that a “decision should be taken for this purpose as soon as possible, given the circumstances.”

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