Dalida, why the biopic was made without Nadia Fares

xvm959f29e4-b7b3-11e6-8d03-8903087c71bfThe actress was to take the title role in the film devoted to the diva interpreter of Gigi the Amoroso. Lisa Azuelos, the director, returned to the reasons for her absence in the credits.
It had to be the film of his life … and yet. Nadia Farès will not play Dalida. Lisa Azuelos, the director of the biopic dedicated to the interpreter of Gigi l’Amoroso, which will be released on January 11, 2017, has returned on the absence of the actress in the credits.
A few years ago, Nadia Farès, who lived in the United States, told our TV Mag colleagues about a major project: “I have a new project that will bring me back to France for a year. A film about the life of Dalida that I should shoot in France and Italy in early 2013 (…) It will be the film of my life! “She confided then.
The future decided otherwise: “Nadia Farès had the plan to make Dalida and I to be the director, We did not get along, so I returned the project because she had the rights with Orlando ( Dalida’s brother, Ed.) And she was working with him. For three and a half years, she galled, found no director, failed to mount the project. Orlando said ‘I’m sick of it, I do not want it to be Dalida’ any more. From there, Dalida became an orphan, and there, we came back looking for me, “the filmmaker told the PurePeople.
To embody the French diva, Lisa Azuelos bet on the Italian Sveva Alviti a model relatively known in her country, but to the thin curriculum vitae of actress. Our heroine will share the poster with a pleiad of renowned French comedians: Patrick Timsit, Vincent Perez and Jean-Paul Rouve.

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