Dangerous choices have led to the death of little Nathan

nicolas-lacroix(Quebec) This is not half a second of inattention that caused the death of Nathan Lecours, two and a half years, argues the prosecution. But rather a succession of dangerous choices made by Nicolas Lacroix.

The trial Lévis, 39, charged with criminal negligence involving firearms and manslaughter, coming to an end. If found guilty, Nicolas Lacroix risk a sentence of four years in prison because of the existence of a minimum sentence.

The Crown prosecutor Ms. Sarah-Julie Chicoine began his argument by agreeing that Nicolas Lacroix would of course help her friend Melanie Bissonnette May 3, 2012, while she was struggling with a stalker. But the drama is not an accident, says the Crown Attorney.

The tone calm and cold, the prosecutor detailed the multiple negligent acts that, in his view, have killed the little boy, shot a caliber .12 rifle bullet while he was the “cuckoo” after the kitchen table.

The first neglect of the accused has been to bring a firearm for the purpose of letting in someone who does not know the weapons, notes the prosecutor. The addition, in a house where there are young children. And then to be left with his weapon even if it had taken alcohol.

“What he did was clearly dangerous and for him, given his knowledge, it should have been obvious,” says Mr. Chicoine, adding that the actions of Nicolas Lacroix were far from those of a reasonably prudent person .

The version of the accused, who has changed along the way, must be excluded, believes the Crown. Lacroix said that the first shot was fired as soon as he had opened the gun holster. He then told the police that it was after unlocking the weapon that the gun was unloaded.

According to Mr. Chicoine, the Justice Pelletier should rather retain the testimony of the mother of the little victim, Melanie Bissonnette, who said to remember the drama in every detail.

According to Ms. Bissonnette, Lacroix has pressed a button to break the weapon in two. He then took a bullet and showed him how to insert before closing the barrel.

He then wanted to explain the operation of the safety catch. Both hands on the weapon, Lacroix was then questioned aloud about a malfunction. It was at this time that the fatal shot was fired.

After initially pleading willingly Tuesday Nicolas Lacroix, who is representing himself, asked that its representations be postponed to Wednesday.

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