Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer therapy continues

accompagne-pusieursIt is surrounded by his family that Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer made an appearance Tuesday in court to follow in his file.

Individuals 27 years is accused of manslaughter of a child of 20 months in Sherbrooke.

Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer was released under strict conditions by January.

The accused was accompanied by the speaker of the house of therapy where he lived under the conditions of his release.

As in all its passages in court, several family members of the accused were present to support him. On leaving the court, his stepfather was also taken by the shoulders for support. Counsel for Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer, Me Caroline St. Andrew Legal Aid who temporarily replaces Benoit Gagnon in this case, postponed the case to 19 May.

Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer was arrested Oct. 6 in connection with the death of a toddler of 20 months, 26 September 2015.

An order banning publication made it is not possible to reveal the facts of the case before the trial.

Heard revision of its release in late 2015, Poulin-Beaunoyer agreed to undergo therapy in order to leave the detention center in Sherbrooke.

Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer must remain in therapy house 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It must assume the cost of this closed therapy and undergo drug testing every month.

He can try to contact the mother of the young victim and be in the presence of children under 16 except on a judgment of the Youth Division. Dave Poulin-Beaunoyer must refrain from using drugs.

The accused must also comply with all regulations of home therapy.

It’s Me Joanny St. Peter who represents the prosecution in this case.

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