Davie shipyard: Blaney reply to attacks Mulcair

ministre-sortant-candidat-bellechasse-etchemins(Quebec) The outgoing Minister and candidate in the Bellechasse-Etchemin Lévis, Steven Blaney, has clearly not appreciated the passage of the NDP leader in his district Wednesday. The Conservative attacked his visitor and defended his record, saying that unlike Thomas Mulcair, he had always supported the Davie shipyard.

Stung by what Mr. Mulcair Wednesday which accused him of failing to provide “any valid contract” in Davie unlike those achieved by its competitors in Vancouver and Halifax, Steven Blaney had summoned Media in the morning in front of the Congress and Exhibition Centre in Lévis. In front of his makeshift lectern, he held up a placard on which his team had copied an extract from Hansard of the National Assembly from October, 2002.

“Why risk millions of dollars in a shipyard still in bankruptcy when we are crying needs in health and education, The President?” It read. These are the words of Thomas Mulcair, the then Liberal MNA for Chomedey. It was responding to the will of the Parti Québécois in power to inject funds into the Davie shipyard.

“We are dealing with an elected who abandoned the yard when it was most needed,” denounced Steven Blaney, inviting Mr. Mulcair to “rigor” in his words. In addition to share its record in the constituency in which he says he invested more than $ 50 million, he stressed that it was thanks to his government a letter of intent was signed between the Government of Canada the Davie shipyard for the Resolve project involves the conversion of a merchant ship supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy.

$ 1 billion in benefits

According to the outgoing Minister, this contract will provide economic benefits of a billion dollars and will preserve 200 jobs. When asked about the fact that it was only a letter of agreement and not a contract in due form had been signed, the Conservative candidate reiterated his optimism for the future of things, saying the construction had already begun to award contracts subcontracted. It also argued that its leaders had expressed their satisfaction with the latest developments.

Steven Blaney also noted that if the Davie shipyard had not received lucrative contracts for construction of new federal ships in 2011 was that he simply did not win the tender had been launched by the government.

Mr. Blaney is seeking a fourth term on the part of his constituents. In 2011, he obtained 44% of votes against 34% for his nearest rival, the New Democrat Nicole Laliberté.

An unimpressive LOI, as the Green Party
The candidate of the Green Party of Canada in the Bellechasse-Etchemin Lévis, André Bélisle, is hardly impressed by the letter of intent between the federal government and the Davie shipyard. “It is not with a letter of intent that awards contracts,” he responded Friday. “The Davie needs contracts and money. The yards in Halifax and Vancouver have received billions in contracts for the Conservatives. For its part, Davie was treated to peanuts and candy during this period, “he denounced in a press release.

The former president of the Quebec Association of fight against air pollution would like his opponent, incumbent Conservative MP Steven Blaney, move from words to deeds and that the Lévis shipyard has real opportunities. “The action proves thought. To date, the government has despised the Davie, then the good intentions never redeem all defiance, especially not in an election period. “Mr. Bélisle suggests to entrust the construction of a” world-class icebreaker “employees Davie. “The Auditor General of Canada has stated that it is impossible with current resources to ensure maritime safety on the St. Lawrence River, and even less in the gulf and estuary,” he says. David Rémillard

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