Deadpool 2: Release date unveiled?

deadpool-2-deadpool-david-leitch-john-wickWhile Deadpool 2 has just found a new director, Fox has already scheduled a release date for the film. So, 2018 or 2019?
A few weeks ago, we were a little scared for the continuation of the adventures of Wade Wilson. While the first film, released several months ago, was a real success, it was imagined that everything would roll as on wheels for the release of the second. Yet, while no one expected it, Tim Miller decided to leave the realization of the sequel, because of creative disputes with Ryan Reynolds. We were therefore a little afraid that the production of the film is slowed down, but fortunately it seems that not at all! More than a week ago, Fox officially unveiled the name of the new director of Deadpool 2, David Leitch. Moreover, the date of the beginning of shooting was announced and a new sequel would already be planned. In short, all is well! So much so that it could be that the Fox has already chosen the date of release of the future film …

Yes, in recent times, the Fox seems to reorganize its calendar a little. So the release date of Alien: Covenant was advanced to May 2017 and that of Kingsman – Services Secrets 2 was postponed for 4 months. But that’s not all ! The US production company also announced 2 dates for the release of two Marvel movies, without specifying which of course. If they were to concern Deadpool 2, this one could therefore land in American cinemas either on November 2, 2018 or February 14, 2019. For several months, the date of 2018 circulates a lot. One can therefore hope that the adventures of Wade Wilson will be unveiled at the end of the same year. Since the filming of Deadpool 2 must start in January, it could quite stick! And you, what do you think of these release dates?

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