Deadpool 2: What connection with Wolverine 3?

wolverine-3-professeur-x-charles-xavier-hughWill the two Marvel mutants finally meet? One theory tends to discover the connection between Deadpool 2 and Wolverine 3.
In filming at the beginning of 2017, the second part of Deadpool is still in preparation, while the last adventure of Logan is ready to upset us on March 1st. If this episode is the last one of Hugh Jackman, the two mutants Marvel will never have the chance to meet. Unless the film by James Mangold begins to introduce references to Deadpool 2, or vice versa! According to the director of Wolverine 3, Logan will have a more human and realistic approach, but that will not prevent the most famous of the X-Men to use his humor grunt. According to the MoviePilot site, there could be a real connection between the two 20th Century Fox movies. Logan is closing the Wolverine chapter, but he may have an important role to play in the new Marvel universe. New mutants will take its place; Like those of the series Legion on FX from February. The young mutant X-23 will be presented in the film, as well as the famous villain Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister, and another character well-known X-Men fans could also be introduced: Cable, the confirmed antagonist of Deadpool 2. To support their theory, the site quotes the original comics, in which Câble is the son of Cyclope and Jean Gray. Besides, before being the enemy of Deadpool, they were super-pals!

The relationship between Deadpool and Cable in the second installment looks tumultuous and the film about Logan could conclude or initiate their plot. Because the ultimate adventure of Hugh Jackman takes place in 2024, an era in which very few mutants have survived … And if Câble was one of them? For now, the current episodes of the X-Men take place in the past, Deadpool in the present and Wolverine in the future. If it is easy to get lost with all these temporal lines, Logan served more or less as a reference. When it will no longer be, the character able to travel in time and likely to become the new link could be Cable. Nathan Summers, of his real name, is not 100% nice, but he has an enemy in common with Logan: Mr. Sinister. According to the post-generic scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past, we know that he wants to create the ultimate mutant … Mr. Sinister will give birth to Câble? On the last pictures of Wolverine 3, Logan and Professor X were seriously wounded, but what will happen to them? Answers that we will have in March, while Deadpool 2 could see the day on January 12, 2018. And you, do you think the two movies will be linked?

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