Death of an electrician: inadequate security, slice the CNESST

mortel-eu-lieuSecurity was inadequate when, in May 2015, a maintenance electrician at the company’s service Castech Thetford Mines, was killed at work.

According to the Standards Commission, equity, health and safety (CNESST), the main cause of this fatal accident is the lack of means or preventive measure to prevent a collision between a bridge maintenance and other asset bridge.

May 19, 2015, the worker’s head was crushed between a roof beam and a crane while repairing a faulty cable.

Following its investigation, the CNESST retains maintenance work were effected on the crane while another crane collided with it. Then the safety management was weak during maintenance activities cranes. in particular it is mentioned that no means or preventive measure was intended to prevent a collision with another active crane, it is added in a press release.

Following the accident, the CNESST did suspend work on the crane. ‘Return to work conditions provided that the maintenance of this crane are made by neutralizing the electric power to the entire race, “says one.

“She demanded, among others, the employer lockout procedures during maintenance work, measures to prevent a collision between two cranes and other verification measures to ensure continuous patches.”

The employer has complied with the requirements of CNESST.

In connection with this accident, the CNESST issued to the employer, Inc. Castech Metallurgy., A statement of offense. For this offense, the amount of the fine ranges from $ 16,124 to $ 64,495 for a first offense and could reach $ 322,479 for subsequent offenses.

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