Death of Arthur Porter: “I saw,” says nurse

instituto-oncologico-nacional-panama-arthur(Panama) Arthur Porter is indeed dead, according to employees of the judicial morgue and the Institute of Oncology as La Presse met yesterday in the Panamanian capital.

But UPAC will not only testimony – as credible as they are – or visual identification, according to our information. Both Quebec police officers sent to the scene intend to at least check the fingerprints of the corpse, he has been allowed to learn. They also brought with them kits for removing safely the DNA of the remains, if required.

Yesterday, pending formal permission to have access to the remains, UPAC the police went in search of traces would have left Mr. Porter in Panama. They have acquired the certainty that fingerprints provided to Panama airport were the same as those provided for its entry into prison. It remains to test those of the corpse.

However, the police did not consider sufficiently reliable visual identification of the remains due to cancer which Porter was reached, according to our information.

A patient “very nice”

Also yesterday, two nurses who cared for him at the Instituto Nacional oncologico certified in La Presse that he died Tuesday night in room 21 of the sixth floor of the hospital.

“I have seen” once dead, said one of them under the gaze of several colleagues meeting upstairs guardhouse. The woman, wearing a nurse’s cap with old, did not doubt for a moment the truth of his death. It declined to be identified.

Both spoke without hesitation patient “very nice, which made no problems.” They knew that the alleged perpetrator of the “greatest Canadian history corruption fraud” was an extremely experienced accused in Canada. Police officers who took turns to his room for the supervision – “sometimes one, sometimes two” – allowed evil to forget.

The two women, however, have denied that Arthur Porter was handcuffed, as had said some of his friends.

The room where he died is now occupied by two patients.

Arthur “Postter”

Friday, the two officers of the UPAC who landed in Panama to ensure that it is not a hoax were informed that the body of Mr. Porter had been transferred to a judicial morgue under the responsibility the Panamanian Ministry of Public Security.

Here, the body is under guard has seen La Presse. Locked gates, barbed wire and security cameras son forbid anyone to access them. Even the family could get in, according to our information.

There, two employees of the morgue reported receiving the body of the deceased “on July 3,” is Friday.

“Here we have under the name of Arthur Postter” but said one of them, spelling out the name on the list of bodies under its responsibility. “There’s the litter number” on this sheet, has he said, adding that he would lose his job if he was trying to access the body.

The other employee thought he saw the body when he entered the morgue the night before but could not swear. Friday, Le Journal de Montreal reported that the morgue of the Instituto Nacional oncologico had registered the corpse under the name “Arthur Potter.”

Reportedly, UPAC does absolutely not worried about these problems of standardization in handwritten records.

The employee responsible for the hospital records for its part had the right name, spelled in a large notebook where she keeps the list of admissions and deaths. She even provided La Presse passport number that Porter had given during his hospitalization.

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