Death of Arthur Porter: Quebec authorities want more evidence

rthur-porter-photographie-mars-2013Despite the announcement of his death from different sources, the investigation of the forces of order on Quebec Arthur Porter is far from over. The authorities want to not only get tangible proof of the death of Mr. Porter, but also continue to follow the money trail of the former hospital executive who had conducted financial dealings with the entourage of the former narcodictateur Manuel Noriega during his incarceration in Panama, e has learned.

This is the official biographer Arthur Porter announced the first that he had died in Panama in the night from Tuesday to yesterday. Her doctor “informed me early this morning that he died of lung cancer with metastases,” wrote Jeff Todd yesterday on social networks. The disease had spread “his bone and his liver,” he said.

The information was confirmed by Jonathan Garcia, spokesman of the Instituto Nacional de Panama oncologico. “It happened on May 8 at midnight and died yesterday [Tuesday] to 23h”

Caution for now

But the side of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, caution was played yesterday after the announcement. It will take more than a biographer and the spokesman of a health institution to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is no longer of this world.

“We have not had any confirmation on this, but I can say that we will ensure that we have a confirmation and corroboration whatsoever,” said Jean-Pascal Boucher, spokesman for the organization.

Suspected of being the heart of “the most important in Canadian history corruption fraud” by the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), Arthur Porter has the reputation of being a fox end who lied more than once and managed to fool the authorities of different levels of government, according to the thesis of the prosecution.

Reportedly, official channels were activated urgently, especially with the help of the RCMP liaison offices to obtain indisputable evidence of the death of Mr. Porter. If the result is not satisfactory, it would be possible to send Quebec police officers on site to conduct audits.

With the entourage of Noriega

For their part, prosecutors of the Office of the fight of crime are always loaded to recover the benefit of the state the largest possible share of 22.5 million allegedly paid in bribes bribes to rig the Tender of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). In pleading guilty to charges of reyclage of crime, joint Arthur Porter has consented to the seizure of money and property worth 5.5 million.

For the rest, police and prosecutors are likely to be interested in a mysterious company founded June 4, 2014 in Panama by Arthur Porter, while he was incarcerated.

The company BQ Holding has no existence on the web outside of Panamanian registry businesses. The record indicates that Arthur Porter is a director, in addition to being treasurer and secretary of the board.

His lawyer in Panama, Ricardo Bilonick is listed as president of the company. He did not respond to messages we sent to him yesterday. Mr. Bilonick has long represented the former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega in proceedings for his extradition to the United States, where he was convicted of massive drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering.

Another director of the company is the Panamanian political analyst Mario Rognoni, former trade minister under the reign of Noriega. Mr Rognoni has publicly raised to the defense of the former dictator repeatedly until recently and made it clear in contact with him. He also took up the pen to defend Arthur Porter in an open letter. He said he was honored to have met a man like him during a visit to the prison. He was not available to speak to the press yesterday.

Reportedly, there would have been money transfers related BQ Holding during the past year. However, impossible to say to what end for now.

Mr. Porter, training oncologist, announced there nearly three years he was himself diagnosed with lung cancer.

He has since been followed by the famous – but controversial – British doctor Karol Sikora.

“I had visited there four weeks and had called certain weekends before his death,” he told La Presse. His body has been “very receptive” to treatment, but there were problems “electrolytes and liver” in recent weeks, according to Dr. Sikora.

The latter was keen to defend his patient and friend, proclaiming that it was “a sad day for human rights in Canada.”

At the Instituto Nacional oncologico, Dr. Roberto López coordinated the day to day care, under the supervision of his British colleague. It is “in the last week” that everyone understood that there was no hope of recovery, said the doctor on the phone.

Arthur Porter was detained in a Panama prison since his arrest in May 2013, at the request of Canadian authorities. Panama has agreed to extradite early 2015, Mr. Porter always challenged the extradition at the time of his death.

In Quebec, few official reactions to his death were heard.

“The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) extends its condolences to the family of Dr. Porter,” wrote the Montreal hospital in a statement at midday. “The MUHC will make no further comment.”

The office of Prime Minister Couillard, who wears like a bullet past his links with Arthur Porter, did not call La Presse yesterday.

The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs simply said he had been informed “of the death of a Canadian citizen in Panama.”

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