Death of George Martin: Dominic Champagne lost a friend

spectacle-love-cirque-soleil(Quebec) Every day for a month and a half, Dominic Champagne took the news of George Martin through his son, Giles. This is more than a collaborator he has lost Tuesday is a friend.

The Quebec director knew since autumn that George Martin was not going very well. He was also past the view just before Christmas, in order to present his respects: “I developed a great affection for this man.”

Champagne met Martin when he worked on the show LOVE, Cirque du Soleil, dedicated to the Beatles. Collaboration could be limited to professional, where Quebecers have been the representative of the Circus and the British that the Fab Four. Or a real complicity moved, enabling the spark of creativity that we know.

“George Martin allowed me to be myself in the Beatles when I was the captain of this adventure. I would have been only the translator of the work and it is certainly George Martin gave me the confidence to take me in that. ”

An artistic legacy

Champagne was left with George Martin and his son Giles in the legendary Abbey Road studios there a dozen years rummaging Beatles records to establish what would become the soundtrack of LOVE. Not only the director was entitled to a “gift from heaven” when he heard each made famous songs, including unreleased, but has witnessed a very special and intimate time in Martin: one was the artistic memory of the Beatles and the guide in this musical world, the other was learning to become one, while holding the digital tools to bring it elsewhere.

“In addition to an extraordinary journey through the Beatles universe, I attended the transmission of this artistic testament, a father to his son.”

In Champagne, the great genius of the one we nicknamed the fifth Beatles was to hers at the service of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. He cited how a Sir Paul reluctant to hear a string ensemble led by George Martin on Yesterday then completely was won, as his cronies, for this proposal, which was subsequently given birth to other compositions such as Eleanor Rigby or I Am the Walrus.

“Presumably, someone else would have signed the Beatles, even though we had already twice refused to do so. So he signed them, but he also saw the creative potential of these four young bums Liverpool and he fed all the experimentation that is behind the genius, who made ​​the switch from She Loves You the great musical poem that is Abbey Road. ”

For Dominic Champagne, the LOVE of adventure is far from over. He works indeed with Giles Martin, an updated version to celebrate 10 years of the show, in Las Vegas. This new version, “refreshed” is already taking shape. The premiere will take place on July 14 before Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison.

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