Death of little Nathan Lacroix “regrets all his soul”

nicolas-lacroix-accuse-homicide-involontaire(Quebec) Nicolas Lacroix, accused of involuntary manslaughter and criminal negligence causing the death of little Nathan Lecours, submitted its fate in the hands of Judge Chantale Pelletier, which will make its judgment on January 21.

The Lévis, 39, a lawyer in private late trial for lack of financial means, according to him, was not launched in a big argument Wednesday very end of the trial.

“I have the knowledge or training to adequately address the contradictions, arguments and assumptions by the Crown prosecutor, nor the strength and energy to do it,” said Nicolas Lacroix.

If he went with Melanie Bissonnette May 3, 2012 is that it was inconceivable to leave him without help his childhood friend, frightened by a stalker.

“The events show that even in full possession of my faculties and ability, having permits, authorizations, skills and training, in addition to all the good will in the world, did not make me a free fatal accident, which I regret with all my soul, “expressed the accused.

Crown believes his side Nathan Lecours, two and a half years, was shot during handling of the weapon by Nicolas Lacroix because of a series of negligence.

If convicted, the accused, who works as an electrician, faces a minimum sentence of four years in prison.


Tormented by the death of the toddler for more than three years, Nicolas Lacroix would have liked to apologize directly to the families concerned. A meeting is impossible, confirmed the court saw no contact with complainants imposed on the accused at the beginning of the proceedings.

Nicolas Lacroix account to write a letter of sympathy. The Crown prosecutor Sarah-Julie Chicoine me said she would consult victims’ families about it.

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