Debunking sexual diversity among seniors

sexuelle-aupres-personnesDebunking sexual diversity among people aged 50 or over, it is the mission that was given GREY Estrie. The project for “seniors”, probably the first of its kind outside the major centers, receiving support of $ 17 300 of the Government of Quebec, a deemed substantial support for an organization that has existed for less than two years.

“This is not a recurring aid but it gives us a big hand in a context where virtually no funding is recurrent. In comparison, the objective of our annual fundraiser is $ 30,000. We are very happy for what it brings credibility and reputation. This is proof that we have an impact in our community, “responded Peter McCann, CEO of GREY Estrie.

The organization already has workshops demystify sexual diversity with young people, mainly in secondary schools. In April 4000 it will be people who will have been reached.

“In Estrie, there is not much to get in touch with people 50 and older. You really have to adapt our operations to this segment of the population where homosexual or bisexual people lived often hidden or invisibility. We do not aim specifically sexual minorities. We seek to create an open environment for these people. ”

According to Peter McCann, it is shown that it is beneficial for an older person to disclose his sexual orientation to his family. “There are health effects and we believe that the fight against invisibility will help. ”

Residency discrimination

Similarly, McCann points out that most seniors sexual diversity living their sexuality openly back in the closet when moving in residence.

“They are afraid of discrimination by other residents, but also on the part of stakeholders. The government also provides training for stakeholders in the healthcare in this direction. ”

The sum received government will tailor interventions. “In the 1960s, homosexuality was illegal, perceived as deviance or mental illness. With the help of GREY Montreal, we can adapt our ways. This particular will be talking about the evolution of rights. We go until March 2017 to realize 15 interventions with “elders” to induce a leverage effect which will allow us to deploy our interventions more widely. ”

Aware that he could be more difficult to intervene in residences for seniors, GREY targets people aged 50 and over who have an impact on those around them. An agreement has already intervened to meet the Age Friendly City committee, the Round Table of the Eastern Townships of seniors and the Table de concertation against mistreatment made to seniors.

“In 2011, between 15 and 20% of the population was over 65 in Estrie. This is an important part of the population and we have nothing to join them. We want to train players over 50, who are closer to the experiences of seniors and that will meet them. Those who do not know models will experience at least two, because our interventions are done in teams of two. ”

GREY Estrie can at least count on two known models to carry their message, the presidents of honor of the 2015 fundraising campaign, Renelle Antil and Réjean Hébert, who will return to the country this year. A comedy benefit show is also scheduled for May 27 at the Alfred-Desrochers room.

Note that the Minister of Justice Stéphanie Vallée has announced funding of $ 399,600 to 20 organizations in Quebec who struggle against homophobia and transphobia.

Besides the project GREY Estrie, two other area organizations receiving funds or the Community Development Corporation of Haut-Saint-François for his seminar on sexual minorities in rural context ($ 10,000) and the Youth Coaticook for outreach officer in the fight against homophobia ($ 10,000).

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