Deficits under Trudeau are an investment, says Paul Martin

ancien-premier-ministre-canada-paulFormer Prime Minister Paul Martin defended the plan of prime minister appointed Justin Trudeau to experience deficits for several years to invest more generously in infrastructure and revive the economy.

Record deficits to invest in education, research and technology or infrastructure, for example, is investing in the future, justified Wednesday the former Liberal prime minister, who sees nothing bad for the economy , on the contrary.

He even believes that to experience deficits for these reasons, today is the best way to fight the long-term deficits, because the economy will make it more dynamic.

“Do not invest to pay for groceries today, but we must invest in things that will give a better life to our children. And this is what the infrastructure; This is what education; this is what is research and development. If you do that, you do not end up with a series of seven or eight deficits as what we experienced with the previous government. But if you do not invest in the future, you will be condemned to ongoing deficits, “opined former Liberal Prime Minister.

During the election campaign, Mr. Trudeau said he was ready to record annual deficits slightly below $ 10 billion during the first years of his term, to invest in infrastructure and boost the Canadian economy. He said he was willing to live with deficits until 2019.

“The plan that was presented by Justin Trudeau – and I was there the day he did it – is exactly what is needed for the country’s economy,” said Mr. Martin.

Education and Indigenous

The former prime minister also praised the proposed successor to invest more in education for indigenous communities and in building schools for these communities.

He also was speaking on the occasion of a regional symposium on education organized by the Cree School Board, held in Montreal these days.

“The Liberal program that was put forward was very well thought out. Mr. Trudeau was very involved in that. This idea that we must work hand in hand with those involved in Aboriginal education is the only way we will succeed, “he said, during a meeting with the press after his speech at the symposium.

During the election campaign, Mr. Trudeau is committed to injecting 515 million in annual core funding for four years for First Nations education to the end of high school, and more than 500 million over the next three years the construction of additional school infrastructure in these communities and 50 million for aid to postsecondary education.

In his speech, Mr. Martin has also denounced the underfunding of education in indigenous communities, calling it a “national disgrace.” “Ottawa does not pay its fair share,” he denounced.

The Cree School Board was established under the Convention of the James Bay and Northern Quebec in 1978. In addition to providing the usual services provided by a school board, it develops hardware and language programs shouts , French and English. Similarly, it ensures the teaching of art and dialect of Cree culture. It serves nine communities in an area of ​​300,000 square kilometers in James Bay.

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