Denies Blais Laval University $ 1.4 million

ministre-francois-blais-espere-faire(Quebec) The Minister of Education, François Blais, move from words to deeds. He withdrew $ 1.4 million at Laval University, which still refuses to back down on the improvement of conditions of post-employment for senior executives.

The portion of the core funding would be $ 30 million in December to Laval University. It will be amputated. Quebec “suspend” the payment of $ 1.4 million, equivalent, according to his estimate, the cost of the bonus passed last November.

“I mentioned that there would be consequences, and now the consequences are known,” said the Minister of Education to the Sun, Thursday.

The measure is not irreversible. If the CA agrees to reconsider its decision, the money will again become available. “Remember that the CA is composed of a majority of community members,” said Minister Blais. “I think they will think about the situation and I hope for everyone that they will back off. We will be happy to give them money. ”

The new Chair of the Board of Laval University, Marie-France Poulin, gave no sign of wanting to access the corporate will. “I assume the decisions taken by my predecessors and I wish to register in the continuity of the work”, she has served on the Sun by email. She dodged a question about the impact of cutting $ 1.4 million for the establishment. “I remain convinced that the decisions taken by the Board were in compliance with governance rules,” Ms. Poulin has said, expressing the hope of “turning to the future.”

The predecessor of the Minister for Education, Yves Bolduc, had also threatened in February the University of depriving a sum of money. But the rules did not allow it to act only when the subsidy benefit to any of the leaders.

This summer, Mr. Blais has given itself the means of its ambitions. It changed the rules so as to “remove or cancel all or part of a payment” when a defect is noticed. Quebec criticized at Laval University have modified the conditions of executive compensation without the authorization of the Minister.

The bonus allows a member of management who carried out two mandates to keep between 75% and 100% of its leader’s salary for six years if it remains in the employ of the University.

A “particularly hard”

“Particular Hellbent”

In recent days, in an exchange of letters with Laval University, the Minister Blais reiterated its desire to see the canceled bonus and its threat to cut. CA President in office, John R. Porter, reiterated that there would be no change, the minister tells us. According to Porter, the subsidy would have a maximum cost of $ 390,000 and the Minister showed a “particularly hard” against Laval University.

Mr. Porter said on Wednesday its sales he would not renew his mandate, as it would have been open to. The new president is a former member of the Board of Université Laval from 2006 to 2012. She also served on several boards in the area, including the Port of Quebec and the National Capital Commission.

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