Denis Coderre announces its list of demands to the parties

hotel-ville-montrealFinance the coming international sporting events in Montreal, waive tolls on the Champlain bridge, hundreds of millions for public transport, roads and social housing: the mayor Denis Coderre has submitted its list of groceries to federal parties in the framework of the election campaign.

The list of the City of Montreal has no less than 26 applications, of which several require millions of Ottawa. The mayor has presented this list so that the heads of the major political parties will begin to scroll to the hotel de ville. “We need to hear the parties, we do not want to just consultations on the flat. We really want the chefs to decide if they truly believe in Montreal,” said mayor Coderre this morning at a meeting of the executive committee.

The leader of the liberal Party of Canada Justin Trudeau will as well visit to Denis Coderre, with whom he will discuss applications of Montreal in federal matters. A meeting with the leader of the Bloc québécois, Gilles Duceppe, is scheduled for September 14, and it is only a matter of time before the dates are set, with the NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and green Party leader Elizabeth May.

The mayor’s office says it has not yet received a response from the entourage of the outgoing prime minister and leader of the conservative Party, Stephen Harper. “The message has always been spent with Stephen Harper, if he doesn’t come, there’s something missing,” said mayor Coderre in his weekly column on Wednesday. “Regardless, it is in contact continually with Denis Lebel (lieutenant policy of Harper in Quebec), and if the leader of the conservative Party believes in Montreal, we will be happy to see him.”

Applications of Montreal

200 million recurring for Montreal-Funding for projects of SLR on the Champlain bridge and the Train to the West

342,5 million for Montreal over 10 years
Canada Post

Recovery of the delivery of mail to homes
Social housing

Triple the amounts allocated to Montreal, from 8 to 24 million
185 million annually for the construction, maintenance and renovation of social housing

Re-establish a Fund for the financing of police services of $ 10 million per year
Annual funding of $ 1 million for the Centre, montreal, prevention of radicalisation
Aboriginal women

Put in place a commission of inquiry into the disappearance of women in Canada
Economic development

Continuing the support to the aerospace sector of Montreal
More support to industrial clusters of Montreal
375th anniversary of Montreal

Direct Contribution to the celebrations of the 375th anniversary, Ottawa with mit 110 million in the festivities of the 400th anniversary of Quebec
Champlain Bridge

Abandonment of a toll on the future Champlain bridge
Port of Montreal

Transfer the responsibility to the Old Port to the City
Support the project to restore the maritime Station Iberville and Alexandra pier
International metropolis

Funding of international sporting events

Reinvest in Radio-Canada
Supervised injection Sites

Respect of the decision of the supreme Court

The Stopru