Denis Coderre destroyed a Canada Post facility

denis-coderre-detruit-partie-dalleExasperated by the behavior “wild” Canada Post in the implementation of its community mailboxes, the mayor of Montreal countered with blows of jackhammer, yesterday afternoon, destroying an installation of the corporation in a park Pierrefonds.

“The bullshit, that’s enough!”, He proclaimed after finishing spray a portion of the concrete slab that was to accommodate new boxes.

Denis Coderre did not seem to make overly salty with sentences reserved for people who destroy the material of the Canada Post Corporation. The regulations governing Canada Post ‘forbidden’ formally moving or withdrawal of any facility for mail delivery. Recalcitrants can be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

Yesterday evening, the SPVM had not received any complaints against Mr. Coderre.

The mayor felt that this stunt was the only way for the city to establish its authority and discourage Canada Post settling well in its parks.

“There is no question we do eat the wool on the back,” he has said. “The message that we send today is that Canada Post should respect us. […] There are gestures that arise that are savages, who are ashamed, who are arrogant. […] When you do things on our territory, you will learn how to talk to us, you’ll learn to respect us. ”

To 4:10 p.m., blue collar maneuvering an excavator began to undo the work. The mayor, with a helmet and a worker bib construction, symbolically took over with a jackhammer.

According to the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, the slab has emerged in recent days the park entrance “éconaturel” of Anse à l’Orme, near Gouin Boulevard West. No permission was granted for the installation of the slab and no notice was given, according to the mayor Coderre.

Canada Post and Quebec cities compete for some months about the installation of community mailboxes in which would now concentrate distributed mail from door to door. The mayor of Montreal and its counterparts argue that the corporation can not unilaterally decide to stop the traditional distribution and even less to install community mailboxes in densely populated neighborhoods.

Yesterday, at the time of going to press, the federal corporation had not reacted to the destruction of the concrete slab. Earlier in the day, Canada Post had stated in writing that it was “always willing [e] to work with municipalities in order to find the best locations and discuss concerns that are raised.”

“Our goal is to select locations that are safe, accessible and convenient for households in each neighborhood, added Phil Legault, Communications. We will be happy to discuss with [cities] of their suggestions for other sites. ”

Denis Coderre scoffed at that position, releasing a burst of laughter sound when a journalist read him an excerpt. He added that at least another installation of Canada Post in a natural park – Cape Saint Jacques – would be dismantled by the blue collar workers.

The mayor stressed, however, that not invited Montrealers to address them also to Canada Post facilities in their neighborhood.

“This is not an open buffet, each does not do what he wants. I did it because I am the mayor of all Montrealers, was the institution, “he said. “Besides, it has been done properly, with the helmet and everything.”

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