Denis Coderre, the mayor globetrotter

lors-voyage-miami-mars-2015Montreal mayor says it is among those who think that the world is defined in terms of towns and not in terms of countries or continents. “Think global, act local”, like Denis Coderre also repeat to anyone who will listen. The majority of its missions abroad have also used it as a springboard to develop links with other mayors.

“All the problems of the day must go through a local government,” he said a few days ago in an interview in his office at City Hall. “A city that respects itself needs to have an international strategy because we are in the global village now. There are no boundaries. ”

The highlight of his meetings with the mayors of the world: Living Together Summit, a forum that brought together Reeves 23 cities in June.

“Mayors of Beirut, Hiroshima, Washington, Miami, Brussels, Paris, Casablanca, Dakar and Johannesburg came, but that’s because I met them and I went to get them,” he has Explain.

The forum was held in camera, but the mayors discussed immigration there, security and openness. “We were not expected to have a mandate: it was given a mandate on the role of cities in the world stage, to confront the problems of the day and be part of the solution.”

“Ambassador number 1”

Recruiting Pope Francis to participate in the festivities of the 375th Montreal in 2017, attracting the Grand Prix E, bring a professional baseball team in Montreal, becoming the host of international congresses: the mayor’s missions also have as a thread the objective of attracting major events.

“What is the role of the mayor? The mayor is the ambassador number 1 of the metropolis. I strongly believe in it, “said Mr. Coderre.

During his trip to Miami in March 2015, the mayor Coderre met leaders of Formula E in the hope of attracting the race in Montreal. “There will be Formula E in Montreal, we are finalizing everything,” he said.

“Formula E has important symbolic. Montreal is a green city; 98% of our energy is renewable, so I put on electrification. What better than the event to reach millions of people on the planet by bringing the Formula E here? That event sends an important message on sustainable development. Montreal will be the leader and the capital of electrification. ”


Its missions in Miami, New York and Los Angeles also had a baseball theme.

“Obviously I tripe sport. My eyes light up when talking about sport! We lost a baseball team, it must recover. It is an industry that will bring its share of tourist term radiation. There is nothing more moving than a baseball fan. You bring him here Expos, you’ll have the East Coast of the United States will come to Montreal as it can not be. ”

He was the Pope accepted the invitation of the mayor to participate in the celebrations of 375th of Montreal? “I have confidence. The fact that it is made in advance, I think we can have success down the line. Pope Francis knows Quebec and made the first ministers Harper meantime Couillard and visited him to tell him that it is a good idea, it shows that there was a beautiful communion of spirit. ”

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