Denis Lebel tried a long campaign

passage-quebec-pour-annonce-logement(Quebec) The Conservative minister Denis Lebel, who “many beautiful projects to be announced in the coming weeks”, sees advantages to stretch the duration of the upcoming election campaign.

While visiting the capital for an announcement on social housing, Lieutenant Harper in Quebec has fueled the argument that the Conservatives are planning a long campaign before the vote on 19 October.

Some noted that financial resources curators would allow them to exhaust those of their opponents. Minister Lebel speaks rather of educational benefits to more campaign days.

“If the campaign is longer, it’ll give us more time to talk about what the other parties have to offer,” said Mr. Lebel.

For example, he argues, no one foresaw the rise of the orange wave during the last week of the election campaign in 2011. The campaign “in Quebec may have left us no time all say that Mr. [Jack] Layton had to offer, said the Federal Minister of Infrastructure. Here, today, we will not talk of speculation. You can not say something contrary to Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. ”

The choice of a prime minister is crucial, particularly in regard to the economic situation and times of “fragile global security.” A prolonged campaign would be beneficial for Canadians? “I think so,” said Mr. Lebel. But the last word will belong to Mr. Harper, he insists.

“Making an election campaign is a great humbling said Mr. Lebel. Doing it over a longer period will be even more demanding. ”

Over the past 20 years, one of the six federal campaign that were held spanned more than 37 days. It is that of 2005-2006, which had ridden the holiday season. She placed Harper at the head of a minority government. On most of the twentieth century, federal elections were an average of sixty days. The law on fixed election date provides that elections will be held on October 19, but it does not impose a maximum to the campaign.

A rich party

According to an analysis by The Canadian Press, conservative political opponents will struggle to compete on the monetary front. The Party of Stephen Harper sits on a war chest which is more than those of New Democrats, Liberals, Greens and Bloc together.

Minister Lebel is not ready to concede that his left hand with an edge in this regard. “You have to see it, said Mr. Lebel. I think every party is going to find the money to do. For us, the key is to get the message. ”

Otherwise, the Quebec lieutenant of the Prime Minister intends to continue to travel around Quebec to make announcements. He insists that several years of work were needed to tie the projects recently announced by the Conservative government. “Think of it what you want, for us, is the result of a long process and there are several interesting projects to be announced in the coming weeks,” said Minister Lebel.

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