Denis Trottier supports Alexandre Cloutier

ancien-depute-roberval-denis-trottierThe former PQ MNA for Roberval, Denis Trottier, is supporting the leadership candidate of the party, Alexandre Cloutier. One who was not wet at the previous race now estimates that the member for Lac-Saint-Jean is the best choice for the Parti Quebecois.

“I did not want to publicly support a candidate in the last leadership race. But this time, I officially do. Alexander is the most qualified candidate, the most experienced and the one with the greatest sensitivity. We need a leader who is committed to the needs of the regions, which is not the case with the Liberal Party, “argued one who represented the riding of Roberval before being beaten by the Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard.

“Alexander is able to advance a social project (Quebec sovereignty) while working with the community and being attentive to the needs of the population. And we need a leader with the regionalist fiber, “added Denis Trottier, who had taken advantage of a rally in Dolbeau-Mistassini on Saturday to officially support the member for Lac-Saint-Jean.

Regional future

Denis Trottier also said to be worried about the future of the regions, indicating that there is a decline in local economic development since the Liberal Party came to power.

“If the regions are getting poorer, it’s Quebec that is impoverished,” said Denis Trottier, who still has that passion for politics. Besides, he does not hide his desire for a possible return.

“I do not say no. But there is nothing certain. Let’s say that I still have the passion, but I do not get bored in my life retired! “Said Denis Trottier.

green neck scarf, some 200 people gathered at the Microbrewery Lac-Saint-Jean on Sunday afternoon in Saint-Gédéon. They thus supported the leadership candidate of the Parti Quebecois, Alexandre Cloutier.

Saturday, Mr. Cloutier had spoken to 75 people in Dolbeau-Mistassini. Sunday he was on the side of Saint-Gédéon to meet his supporters. “It’s nice to see so many people have moved. And people have not moved for a policy issue, they came to support Alexander. It’s nice and I’m grateful, especially since it’s the support of our people. I do not think the other candidates have such gatherings, “said Alexandre Cloutier, dressed casually for the occasion.

He addressed the crowd at around 14h, discussing education, regional development, job creation, fiscal justice and access to justice. He also said it is ready to talk about independence, but does not commit to a referendum in the first mandate of a PQ in power.

“We must first define the project,” said Alexandre Cloutier.

AP60 technology

Questioned on the possible implementation of the AP60 technology Aluminerie Alouette in Sept-Îles, which has spilled much ink over the last week, Alexandre Cloutier said that Rio Tinto has signed commitments to the region and the multinational must respect.

“I’m not against investment on the North Shore, obviously, but not at the expense of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean,” said he said.

It is October 7 that the next Parti Quebecois members will elect their new leader. The latest polls were also favorable for Alexandre Cloutier.

“It’s going well and I am confident, but I have enough experience to know that things can change quickly, so I continue to work hard,” said the candidate, who arrived second behind good Pierre Karl Péladeau, when the last leadership race.

A rally in the company of the member for Chicoutimi, Mireille Jean, will be organized in the coming days.

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