Deposit Bourque: Quebec hurry to make his intentions

ministre-finances-carlos-leitao(Gaspe) Organizations and businesses Gaspe and the North Shore of Quebec are urging the government to declare its intentions regarding its possible financial participation in the evaluation of Bourque gas field, to be undertaken by Petrolia near Murdochville.

Pétrolia plans to invest 12 to $ 15 million to the precise amount of gas contained in the deposit located 30 kilometers east of Murdochville in the Gaspé hinterland.

During the presentation of its budget, Finance Minister Carlos Leitão expressed the government’s willingness to participate in work to complete the evaluation of the potential of natural gas in the Gaspé.

Since Monday, the MRC Côte-de-Gaspé, where the deposit is located Bourque, the coalition Full throttle north of Sept-Îles and the Quebec Mining Association claim that the Quebec government is concretely expressed its intentions to participate in financing evaluation. Petrolia had expressed the same wish last week.

“We have contacted the Ministry of Economy and the subsidiary Ressources Québec. This is without sound and light for now. It is not known how the will expressed in the budget will be deployed […] Is the Department wishes to participate, and if so, how much? […] We are waiting for an answer, “says Alexandre Gagnon, President of Petrolia.

Great potential

Bourque deposit was probed how seismic in 2008 and then under two wells in 2012. In 2013 a first assessment by the Alberta firm Sproule Associates said the potential could be 1 trillion cubic feet of gas or trillion cubic feet. The next assessment is to determine the exploitable part. Quebec annually consumes 200 billion cubic feet of gas.

Petrolia is associated with another firm, Tugliq in the Bourque project. Pétrolia would undertake to extract gas while Tugliq would install a liquefaction plant along the coastline of the MRC Côté-de-Gaspé to bring gas on the North Shore by barge.

Alexandre Gagnon does not reveal yet the details of the financial package 12 to $ 15 million, or the expected sum of Québec. “It is difficult to answer. It depends on how we will do things. ”

The final evaluation of Bourque deposit will require new horizontal drilling and drill new wells in 2012. “There will be no fracture,” says Gagnon.

He wants to start the work as soon as possible in order to start small-scale gas deliveries in 2016, a pilot project delivery by truck from a small liquefaction unit fitted to the deposit.

“Our goal is one billion cubic feet for the pilot project. Tugliq deliver 25 billion cubic feet once fully deployed project, “says Gagnon.

A floating liquefaction plant, like the one designed Tugliq, would cost more than $ 100 million. Tugliq is also associated with a Belgian firm Exmar.

Reeve Délisca Roussy says that the five municipalities of the MRC Côte-de-Gaspé support this project. “It touches the Maritime Strategy of the Government of Quebec. The natural gas would reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, it replaces the fuel oil used by the mining industry of the North Shore, “she said.

The office of the Minister responsible for the Gaspésie, Jean D’Amour, did not return messages from the Sun, madi, in order to know the position of the Quebec government on this.

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