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-vanessa-duval-aussiIs the graphic art as well as painting, photography or performance, or rather a simple means of communication? It’s a debate that does not date from yesterday, that will not stop nor set today and has the strange power to ignite discussions local people.

But the fifteen participants in the collective exhibition Animal that was inaugurated Friday in downtown Sherbrooke does not want so much to delve into the controversy for two weeks to share the results of their respective reflection (and artistic) on the animal theme.

“This is a theme developed with Véronique Grenier author after reading his book Hiroshimoi. We were discussing the recurrence of animal references in his writings, but also in daily life and in general: ” Making cow eyes, treat someone like a dog … ” We realized that it was present and troubling. It was thought to create graphics from it, and finally it turned into collective exhibition with a bunch of friends, “says Vanessa Duval, organizer of the event, owner of Studio Color Vive, head designer and heart .

Vanessa Duval also presents three works in this exhibition, all from the last sentence of Hiroshimoi, “My own Guantanamo.” “It’s one of those phrases that remind you that we are caves to retreat into certain patterns, certain ways. It is downright caged. It spoke to me, “says Vanessa Duval, who is in his third collaboration with Véronique Grenier, after the creation of the image of the new restaurant Petite Maison Danny Saint-Pierre in Montreal and the line of soft linen launched in the last months.

Carrefour missing

For this Sherbrookoise back in his hometown after living several years in the metropolis, these collaborations, this collective exhibition and project stack fermenting in his suggestion box also and even many associated with a common desire of many creators participate in the artistic and community development of Sherbrooke.

Vanessa Duval refers in fact to a text of the author Patrick Nicol, where it regretted that Sherbrooke does not have enough resources to create a corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Denis while creativity.

“I cried, it made me sad, she says. In Montreal, you organize something, it’ll be full. Here we let stop by our complexes, lack of confidence, whereas if we combine our talents and desires, we can create something really good. One can think outside the box, Sherbrooke and offer visitors some really cool stuff. ”

Such a cool thing that a class of talented graphic artists presenting works of animal inspiration … very artistic.

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