Despite his job, the defense fund of Nathalie Normandeau maintained

nathalie-normandeau(Carleton) The return of Nathalie Normandeau behind a microphone and as the holder of a well paid job does not change the strategy of the group that launched a fund to financially help the former Deputy Prime Minister to pay his legal fees. The campaign is held.

“We are delighted that Nathalie has got a new job. The fund was not created because she had no job, but to assist in his defense. The reasons that motivated us to create the Fund are still the same. The new job Nathalie changes nothing, “said Fabrice Bourque, President of the Fund, in a statement.

Two liberal activists gaspesiens

Mr. Bourque and André Poirier, two gaspesiens liberal activists long will do no further comments about the fund defense of former Deputy Prime Minister and Bonaventure Member of the National Assembly. It must meet from March 17 at seven charges including fraud, corruption, conspiracy and breach of trust.

Ms. Normandeau had lost his job facilitator to FM radio 93 after filing the charges. She got another job, announced on August 4 by Radio 102.1 Boulevard.

Target of $ 300,000

The directors of the fund noted that the legal costs of Nathalie Normandeau are “extraordinary expenses” and “it has the right to make full answer and defense”. They do not give figures as to the pace of the fundraising campaign, but they have already admitted that more than $ 20,000 had been raised. The initial goal was $ 300,000.

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