Disavowal of Mulcair: Dusseault and surprised Choquette

-pierre-luc-dusseaultAlthough Thomas Mulcair urged members of the New Democratic Party to “stand beside him” and to trust him to lead the election campaign of 2018, a majority of delegates had still staring towards the 2015 believes Pierre-Luc Dusseault.

New Democrat MP for Sherbrooke argues that the result of the last elections, which his party ended up in third place with 44 seats in the Commons after flirting with power, ultimately cost him his job who succeeded Jack Layton in 2012.

“That’s how you have to go, unfortunately. Everyone was extremely disappointed with the result of 2015. All members and delegates spent hours and hours, not counting, through campaigns in the country. There was a huge disappointment. Tom has also accepted the criticism in his speech and this is over he bets to reassure members and show them that he was the right candidate to lead the next campaign. It is unfortunate that the defeat was put solely on his shoulders. It is a collective effort, a campaign, not just the case of a person. It could have been a realignment of our positions, clarification on other issues, for example, and there was already this interest then Mr. Mulcair. ”

“It was a surprise, adds Mr. Dusseault. To reach the figure of 70% which was established seemed ambitious, but I do not feel he would be below 50%. But again, I reiterate that I accept the choice of members. I am disappointed as in any outcome where it is not our choice that is favored by the majority, but it must now accept the decision. This is democracy and we must live it, even if it’s not the choice you prefer. It was a fairly divided vote, but all members must unite and look to the future. ”

After disavowal he suffered, Thomas Mulcair did not say if he intended continuing as a backbencher or retire. Pierre-Luc Dusseault nevertheless considers that it would be a big loss for the NDP if he were to opt for the second alternative.

“It continues to be an experienced parliamentarian and exception and it would be good that remains in our team. This is a difficult and emotional decision and it must take its time. ”

“I want to thank him for his work. We closely sees the countless hours and energy deployed daily. As a candidate in a riding I see how it’s work. Being leader is a huge task. For all the energy he put to build the NDP across Canada since his election in 2007 and the historic position we were in the last election, he deserves our respect. ”

Francois Choquette amazed

If the echoes he had received from members of the New Democratic Party (NDP) let him believe in a close vote, François Choquette did not think there would be enough detractors to show the way out to Thomas Mulcair.

“The caucus was not bad behind the leader, it is the delegates who made the difference. The output (Hassan) Yussuff CLC, who said he preferred that there is a leadership race, weighed heavily in the balance, “analyzes the member for Drummond.

Mr. Choquette believes that if he excelled in the Room, the fallen leader succeeded so well at the time to speak with his activist base. This is also what could have made the difference in Sunday’s confidence vote. He hopes that his successor be able to skate well on both counts.

More united than ever

Even if the confidence vote has split the party into two, 48% wish to maintain Mulcair in office, believes François Choquette

the NDP is more united than ever and looks forward. However, the politician is happy that we have decided to extend by one year the next leader of the appointment process.

“It gives us two years to see the transition, it will give time for the good of the candidates and prepare to meet with activists in each riding. I am glad also that Mr. Mulcair has agreed to provide the leadership in the meantime, “he added.

The representative of Drummond in the House of Commons has also greatly satisfied the symposium which took place this weekend, including the adoption of LEAP Manifesto will dictate a new approach to the NDP. We want a more social democratic party and forward environment.

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