Disc Golf: Victoria Park loses interest, says Dauphinais

1175040Victoria Park loses feathers when we know that the Atto Beaver Park already has several assets to receive a possible disc golf course.

It is noted that Councillor Hélène Dauphinais after the release Thursday by The Tribune that a similar project had walked in the municipal apparatus there seven years and considered the Sports Park Borough Lennoxville.

“This is good news,” said the councilor who does not show very warm to the idea of ​​this project realized in its sector, as desired by the agency Destination Sherbrooke.

“This park could be another option. An additional choice to implant the disc golf course. ”

The Atto Beaver Park has several amenities that can afford to implement a course to practice this sport, reported Thursday in our pages columnist Luc Larochelle. A non-upgraded wooded could accommodate disc golf baskets.

Recall that the park offers sports of soccer and volleyball, plus a service pavilion.

Last week, adds Dauphinais, during a briefing on the project at Victoria Park, many citizens had expressed their concerns about the project. They feared for the safety of park users and to preserve the natural character of public space. On the evening of information, people Destination Sherbrooke claimed to have other sites in their sights, she adds.

“Many people were concerned about the preservation of the natural environment, recalls the counselor. The Atto Beaver Park allow any use that could meet more people. ”

“It might also interest people who play ultimate Frisbee. Is that value a park. Is to give it a better value. The course could be set in a park area left fallow. This park could become a beautiful sports complex. ”

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