Dishonored 2: imperial success

dishonored-2-est-disponible-sur-pc-xbox-one-et-ps4Elected game of the year in 2012, Dishonored back on the front of the stage at the end of the year. Four years after the first game, Lyon Arkane Studios have managed the feat of perfecting an already exemplary and incomparable style production.

An assassin replaces another. While Ubisoft decided this year to blow his favorite assassin, Arkane Studios relaunched Corvo Attano the hero of the city of Dunwall. But this time the murderer of the Imperial Guard will not be alone in the center of the plot since it can also embody his daughter Emily Kaldwin, fallen Empress and sentenced to exile after a coup orchestrated by Delilah his aunt. Emily, a female figure inspired powers to those of Corvo but allow significant variations on the gameplay as you discover all along the adventure.

The story now takes place in the city of Karnaca, a city that invites you to leave the darkness of Dunwall to try to discover the dark clarity of this new playground steampunk the disparate influences.
Once again, the artistic director of the studio Lyon has done wonders. Attention to detail is permanent, prompting the player to continually interact with the environment. Each thrust door is an invitation to explore and support each window, each wall a new way forward. Because the game has undeniably gained verticality, increasing opportunities to browse a world open to all proposals game.

An evolution of the level perfectly exploited by a carefully controlled gameplay design: as in the first game, with you to choose the hard way, visceral and sharp and infiltration will take a different flavor with the powers of Emily (shadow walk, doppleganger, or mesmerize far reach). Note that the arsenal is identical for both characters. Obviously, the replayability of the title of Bethesda is considerably enhanced.

Arkane Studios had announced an enhanced set of all the technical, artistic, and gameplay and not just Dishonored 1.5. Promise: this new album will delight fans of Action / FPS / infiltration in search of an atmosphere and a very strong identity, with choices of artistic direction assumed in Dishonored and sublimated in this suite.
A title at not put in any hands (Pegi 18) but the atmosphere, the artistic direction and execution as a whole is one such model. A must-have.

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