Dishonored 2: PC vs Pro vs PS4 PS4 vs Xbox One, the graphic comparison

dishonored-2-bethesdaSo Rayman 2 is the most beautiful on any platform? Discover the comparative video here.

While Rayman 2 was -50% for the Black friday , prices should drop gradually during the coming months. If you still hesitate to buy it on one of the many platforms on which it is available, this small comparative graphic video should help. Although it is beautiful on PS4, Xbox One and PS4 Pro, we can still find that the best version is graphically speaking version PC Master Race! Of course, the differences are not so terrible, since the consoles last generation have almost all similar powers. Go take a little peek at our test Dishonored 2 , this should be enough to convince you of the benefits of this game on health. What version of Rayman 2 you?

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