Dishonored 2, potentially cult game

Dishonored 2 - Photo PRIORITAIRE.jpgIn the foreground, in the shade, a man projected on the ground lets pass a sedan chair in which sits a notable bedding. Shadow and light. Social inequality. Industrial Revolution revisited. Exposed to Art in the video game – the French inspiration, the Ceremony of Sergey Kolesov caught the visitors of the Museum of Ludic Arts in Paris last year. The artwork inspired by Les Ambulants, a 19th-century Russian realistic movement, served as a starting point for the formidable aesthetic odyssey of Dishonored 2. Until its ending clap, the first-person action / infiltration game File as a work of art. Yes, the video game can be contemplated like a classic painting.

Difficult to repeat the surprise caused by the urban, dirty and dickensian world of the first Dishonored. The Lyonnais of Arkane Studio do however a skill pirouette by deporting their suite in a colonial universe much more sunny than the previous one. Emily, the heroine that the gamer can embody, inherits a throne that she has just lost as a result of a family coup. She goes into exile in the streets of Karnaca, a port city on the island of Serkonos. Art Deco and Art Nouveau enter a dance that Benoît Sokal would not deny. Clocks of crazy elegance spin on overhead rails. We get lost in a manor with transformist pieces. Pantins with a long, threatening beak, high-legged waders are among the new dangers to the gamer.

As with the previous section, the player’s freedom of action is a key concept. We teleport to the feet of an opponent and then discreetly slit his throat in the back. Unless one crosses the iron directly by countering the blows to better counter-attack. Also capable of snipe phases, in the distance, with a silent crossbow, the gamer improvises combinations of actions. The spectrum of talent ranging from the frontal assault to stealth impresses. Better, the gamer can slip into the skin of Corvo, Emily’s father, to replay the adventure with other powers.

Dishonored 2 blows a renewal via new magic allowing to lock and touch several targets simultaneously. Tropics oblige, the steampunk world advancing in the shadow of Cuba and Oran also hides clouds of big insect killers. These blood flies squatting areas to cross will avoid discreetly passing by. Unless their nests are burned or if they do not go away as soon as the creatures appear.

A gamer, several choices. The formidable axiom also makes the architecture of Karnaca, much larger than before, sing. To sneak on the glass roof of a railway station by teleporting beforehand to a nearby balcony or crawling in the hall in the middle of crates to finish its journey on beams of the roof: a thousand itineraries seem possible to go of a Point A to a point B. That of Dishonored 2 follows only one path, that of a potentially cult game.

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