Divan Orange: Montreal unlocks $ 50,000

Divan OrangeAfter receiving thousands of dollars in fines for excessive noise, the Divan Orange events venue is on track to exit the crisis, thanks to a $ 50,000 investment from the City of Montreal and the Plateau -Mont Royal, La Presse has learned.

The Executive Committee of the City this week endorsed the award of $ 25,000 to the cooperative to help develop Microfauna, an organization dedicated to emerging music. The other share of $ 25,000, which would be confirmed shortly, would come from the district to fund soundproofing work of the existing room.

“We have a collective responsibility to support emerging musicians and recognize the importance of this venue. This new organization, an initiative of Divan Orange, was founded in partnership with the Montreal Electronic Groove Festival (MEG), Indie Montreal, Coyote Records and other self-employed. It will support projects of cultural mediation and professionalization of emerging artists, “said Manon Gauthier, responsible for culture on the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal.

“We work in a partnership with [people of Divan Orange] to lighten their financial burden in the context of the changes they need to do in the local. In exchange, we will establish a partnership that will serve the citizens of the district, “said Christine Gosselin, borough councilor Project Montreal in the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Conflict with a neighbor

In recent months, the institution of Saint-Laurent Boulevard is mired in a dispute with the tenant on the third floor of the building. After the tenants of the second floor, the noise emanating from the bar would be accentuated. The latter has increased complaints of excessive noise.

The tenant would have since reached an agreement to leave his home in June. His apartment would be taken over by a Microfauna partner, while the other vacant unit would be transformed into offices for the new organization.

Le Divan Orange would have accumulated more than $ 17,000 in fines for violating the law, according to the latest information available. The whole is challenged in court.

Changes to the regulations on noise

The proliferation of these of offense would have led the work cooperative to the brink. Last fall, a sociofinancement campaign has enabled it to raise close to $ 10,000, according to Le Devoir. Music school Musitechnic also concluded an agreement with the institution, with $ 10,000, to offer two courses per month to his students in the auditorium.

The high amount of offense (over $ 1000) imposed on legal persons – which includes bars and theaters – has been challenged in recent months on the territory of the Plateau.

According to La Presse has learned, the borough Monday amend its regulations to lower that amount to $ 600.

“The bar owners told us that they would invest in their local if the tickets were not as high. This is what motivates us to change our regulations. We take them at their word. Now spend your money to soundproof your premises, “said Christine Gosselin, Project Montreal.

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