DJ Khad more than play songs

aime-analyser-fouleListening to public in order to bring from point A to point B. Take a song and mix it with another without anything seem, in order to make people dance. Propose new pieces from existing ones. David Tremblay, the DJ is far from being content to play songs. It is even quite close to the musician.

Hardly anyone knows the meaning of Khad. Yet in recent years, it was under this name that David Tremblay carries the DJ business.

“Khad is the first letter of each word of a phrase in English that I invented. It means something to me, “says one who wants to keep said passphrase.

DJ Khad was born when David Tremblay was 17. It will soon be 22.

“I’ve always been passionate about music,” says one who is also a guitarist. “One day, I downloaded a small program on your computer then I started to prepare ” mix ”, simply he says.

The DJ who grew up in Chicoutimi hosted his first parties in 17 years. Fairly quickly, DJ Khad has won contracts, especially in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, but also outside of the area a few times. Today, in addition to bars where he works every weekend, he hosts dances and participates in some events like Hangar Xperience.

DJ Khad is eager to perform at Old Theatre of La Baie. He is preparing for the occasion for two weeks. “This is a big event, especially for the region. We never had this kind of event. People ask him. ”

Each service can ask a lot of preparation. “Before an evening, I prepare myself for three or four hours in the day.”

DJ Khad, nothing is done randomly. “The musical ear is important for DJs. You have to know the time count. When you mix songs together, there is a musical structure to meet if we want it to be good. ”

The student in Art and Media technology would eventually like to work in his field of study. But he also dreams of being able to walk everywhere with original pieces he created with DJ Blaas.

“I am passionate about music. I love to see the world ” get wasted ” on what we do. I want to route people to the party. ”

DJ Blaas: a game become career

Select pieces, mix them, and then offer them to the public. Maxime Lamontagne never would have thought to make a trade. Yet after some improvised debut, he became DJ Blaas. A name circulating for some years now across the region and beyond.

Originally from Saint-Prime in Lac-Saint-Jean, DJ Blaas made his debut in the world of DJ’s in early adulthood.

“I was part of a group of music all my youth. I started DJing for fun. At first it was like a game. I did not know I was going to make a career in it, “he says during a telephone interview with Le Progrès Dimanche.

The name Blaas has imposed itself. “This is the nickname that gave me one of my best childhood friends. He passed away when I started to be DJ. I decided to keep that name in his memory, “said the young man now aged 27.

DJ Blaas was first worked in the bars of the Lake. Then things quickly tumbled. “A manager discovered me when I was a DJ in a bar in Saint-Félicien. He took me with him to the Saguenay. I was about 20 years. He gave me a lot of contacts. Everything worked well for me. ”

DJ Blaas working in bars every week. It also wins contracts in some schools and festivals in the summer. “I drive a lot in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, but also outside. I walked around the province. ”

Having undertaken studies in welding, DJ Blaas has chosen to focus solely on the music.

“I am of those who can live,” says one who feels fortunate.

“I believe in being in the right place at the right time. It also takes talent, but we must remain down to earth and take advice, “says the man who, at the beginning, could count on the advice of his friend DJ Dan Desnoyers.

Throughout the evening, DJ Blaas managed to make its mark despite competition.

“When I started, the demand for DJs was stronger. Today, everyone is trying to be a DJ. You have to place. I have a nice network. About 5,000 people following me on Facebook. Dare, pushing, that’s my trademark. I also have a good stage presence. I move a lot. My goal is to raise the evening and also to discover new parts to the public. I always slips new ‘tunes” through the most popular songs. It allows me to get a different color. ”

The DJ has built a studio in his home. This is what allows it to work on weekdays.

“I’m looking every week new pieces. I remain on the lookout for ” hits ”, “says one who spends much time in the studio and in whom passion is still present.

“The passion for music is still there. I do not have the choice to be passionate, with schedules. He never got to be a task, “he concludes.

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