Dodgers: Chase Utley suspended 2 games for its slide

glissade-chase-utley-26-resulteThe second goal of the Los Angeles Dodgers player, Chase Utley, was suspended for two games for his controversial slide at second base in the second game of the series section of the National face the New York Mets.

Since Utley chose to take his case on appeal, the decision will be put on hold until the appeal is heard. It may therefore be at his post in the third game of the series on Monday.

In the seventh inning, when there were runners at the ends, Utley slid into the legs of shortstop Ruben Tejada of player to prevent him from completing the double-Thurs Tejada left the field on a cart and Doctors have diagnosed a fracture of the right fibula.

The vice president of baseball operations for MLB, Joe Torre, said it was very difficult for an official to determine whether a slip was illegal in the heat of the action. However, he held that Utley had violated one of the MLB regulations to protect players in this kind of situation.

Torre said he believed Utley, who claims he never intended to hurt Tejada. He added that the League was discussing with the players’ association to find a way to prevent this kind of contact.

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