Dollarama opens sixth store in Montreal

cours-neuf-premiers-mois-presentExpanding the retailer of at least $ 4 and open a sixth warehouse in Montreal. The center will be built on the ground housing the former distribution center in La Baie, on 23 th Avenue in Lachine.

The chain already has 1,000 stores in two warehouses in the area. The other three are located in Mont-Royal, as its unique region distribution center.

Its storage requirements continue to increase gradually with increasing the number of its stores. In the first nine months of its current fiscal year, the retailer added 50 institutions, a number comparable to that achieved during the same period last year.

Lachine adopted in December a site planning and architectural integration program for the construction of a new warehouse of half a million square feet instead of the two existing buildings that will be demolished at the old site of HBC, which closed its center in 2010.

The promoter has obtained the borough zoning exemptions in force concerning parking for bikes – there will be less than expected – the access to the building – they will be more numerous and larger – the number of trees – fewer – and the outer coating on the side and rear facades.

The listed company would not give details on the project or the extent of its investment. “It is not confirmed yet. But Dollarama is in a phase very advanced assessment that site, “was content to say Lyla Radmanovich, spokesman.

In September 2015, a numbered company associated with Larry Rossy, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Dollarama, had bought the property for 15.5 million Cominar.

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