Donald Trump “endangering national security”, Judge Kerry

donald-trumpThe proposal by Donald Trump to prevent “temporarily” Muslims to enter the United States “endanger” national security of the country, estimated Sunday US Secretary of State John Kerry.

“It endangers national security, as this proposal indicates the will of an American candidate for the highest office in the country to discriminate any religion,” he said in an interview on ABC.

“This type of prohibition is contrary to American values ​​and our Constitution and I think this is a very dangerous foreign policy because it speaks to those within Islam who are trying to exploit the population and recruit foreign fighters: look in America they have a guy who made ​​war against Islam, “he said in a second interview broadcast Sunday morning on the show Face the Nation on CBS.

“It’s their impression can be exploited […] and allows you to recruit […] because it suggests that America is truly discriminatory toward Islam and Muslims,” ​​said the head of US diplomacy on CBS.

The proposal of Mr. Trump “is [also, Ed] highly discriminatory against others and many Americans who are Muslims and many people in the world who know that their religion has been hijacked and want to reclaim” a- he added.

“So I think for American foreign policy this has a huge negative impact as I hear by the foreign ministers and others in my travels and talking with people in different countries,” concluded John Kerry .

The idea of ​​religious discrimination proposed by Donald Trump, still leading in the race for the Republican nomination for president in November 2016, caused an uproar everywhere from Washington to Cairo via London and UN.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons signed a petition to ban Mr Trump access to their country while the Saudi billionaire and a member of the royal family, Prince Walid bin Talal Al, said Friday that Donald Trump was a “shame” for “all of America.”

Mr. Trump has launched its proposal to prevent Muslims from entering the United States early last week after the death of 14 people in a shooting in San Bernardino, California. The Federal Police has assured that the pair of killers were Muslim “radicalized in a long time” who had planned their act.

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