Donald Trump launches a heartfelt appeal to US citizens for Thanksgiving

donald-trumpDonald Trump released a poignant video yesterday on his Twitter account on the occasion of Thanksgiving.
A message that would be considered as a cry from the heart sent to US citizens, asking them to remain united and to stop the violence.

In the video we can hear him say:
“We are really fortunate to consider this country as our home. And that’s what America is, this is our home. This is the place where we raise our families and take care of those who are dear to us and realize our dreams. It is my hope today for Thanksgiving, that we cease to be divided and that we move as a single country with a common goal. President Lincoln wanted American citizens speak with one voice and one heart – and that’s what we should do. ”
He pursues:

“A heavy political campaign just ended. The emotions are still fresh and tension will not go away overnight. It does not work like that, unfortunately. ”
The future president of the United States that will take office on January 20 ended his message by stating that it was time to “write history together” and that “when the American people are united, nothing can the Stop”.
Does this message will mitigate the wrath of some? To be continued…

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