Donald Trump ridicules the military past of John McCain

donald-trumpThis is the straw that broke the camel: the billionaire Republican candidate for the White House Donald Trump has outraged the American political class Saturday challenging McCain, a prisoner during the Vietnam war, his status of “hero “.

The statement, in a country where veterans are honored every day, could provide an ideal pretext for the Republicans to permanently kill the real estate mogul, who managed in a month to transform its reputation in pole position in the primary polls.

Americans are accustomed to outrageous outputs Donald Trump: He often sprinkles his opponents as “stupid” and “idiot”. But he went further Saturday by attacking the military honor of Senator John McCain, 78, who criticized the statements of Donald Trump on immigration.

“This is not a war hero. This is a war hero because he was caught, “blurted Donald Trump, annoyed, at a conservative event in Iowa, the Family Leadership Summit. “I like people who have not been captured,” said the businessman, known for his contempt for “losers” (losers).

John McCain was a pilot during the war. In October 1967, his plane was hit by a missile and he had to eject. Wounded and captured in Hanoi, he remained five and a half years in captivity and was tortured.

Remote verbal match between the two men escalated in recent days. John McCain, supports a migratory reform, said Donald Trump excited “nerds” by attacking the Mexican illegal immigrants that Trump assimilated in June offenders and “rapists”. In response, Donald Trump had treated John McCain of “idiot”.

Republican reprisals

“I do not believe what I read this morning. Horrified. Disgusted. Words fail me, “responded the daughter of John McCain, Meghan McCain, on Twitter.

The 14 declared rival Donald Trump to primary had far extra caution not to get angry with a man who, if they consider that it has no chance of being elected, has proven its destructive capacity . But it only took a few minutes for them to take the side of the former presidential candidate in 2008.

“Enough slanderous attacks,” Jeb Bush wrote on Twitter. “John McCain and all our veterans, especially prisoners of war have earned our respect and our admiration.” “John McCain is an American hero, period,” each wrote Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Rick Santorum.

The chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, came out of his reserve, stating that there was “no place in our party and our country for comments that denigrate those who served honorably in the military.”

Some also drew to the contrast between the old and the billionaire military, which received multiple suspended at the time of the Vietnam War.

Donald Trump has attempted to rectify this in a later statement, explaining that John McCain was spending too much time on television and not enough to defend the interests of veterans in Congress.

“Captured or not, all our soldiers are heroes!”, He has also written.

But military credibility Donald Trump seems weak against John McCain, who chairs the Committee of Defense of the Senate, whose father and grandfather were admirals.

The last two major published polls at Fox News and USA Today, Donald Trump put ahead of the nomination contest before Jeb Bush with 18% and 17% of voting intentions.

Popularity figures which guaranteed him so far to qualify for the first televised debate of the primary on August 6 on the information Fox News.

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