Donald Trump, the creature of the Republican Party

trump(New York) In turn, they had made the pilgrimage to New York to meet Donald Trump in his tower or the restaurant, hoping to get its seal of approval.

Clearly, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and other Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential election is not too offended the most nauseating about the developer and star of reality TV. They coveted all his many admirers within their party, who enjoyed hearing him doubt the birth of Barack Obama on American soil.

Opportunistic demagogue or racist, Donald? Bah …

And Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, had seen fit to go to Trump International Hotel Las Vegas in February 2012, to receive support in person hither master at a surreal press conference. With their clenched smiles, Romney made one think that these hostages are paraded before the camera to save their skin.

A presidential campaign later, it is the whole of the Republican Party that seems to be in the role of Romney. Donald Trump has spent the last four weeks to process illegal immigrants from Mexico to drug traffickers, criminals and rapists. Several of his business partners including NBC, Univision and Macy’s, have not hesitated to use his famous phrase “You’re fired!”

But Trump’s Republican opponents have more than a week before responding to its xenophobic, formulated for the first time at the launch of his campaign, June 16 Married to a Mexican origin, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was probably the most critical of them, saying Trump “does not represent the Republican Party.” Whew!

But the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has insisted that Trump was a “good guy” and Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, said he agreed with him on illegal immigration. As for the president of the National Committee of the Republican Party, Reince Preibus, he told the Washington Post that he had asked Trump to “tone it down” during a telephone conversation.

Conversation Trump interpreted in his own way by saying that Preibus had congratulated for its performance in the polls. “He told me that I had really hit a nerve,” he told the New York Times .

At the top of polls

In fact, Donald Trump has generated in a large segment of the Republican Party an enthusiastic response that allowed him to climb to the top of the polls and make room packed Saturday night in Phoenix.

“The silent majority is back, and we will resume our country,” said he has before 4200 people packed into the palace of the local congress.

No offense to Donald Trump, few believe possible, his victory in the race for the Republican nomination for the presidency. No less than 58% of Republicans say they would never vote for him, according to a poll Washington Post / ABC News published in early June. But party leaders recognize its destructive potential. After the crushing defeat Mitt Romney in the presidential election of 2012, they had commissioned a report that one of the conclusions remain indisputable: to win back the White House, the Republican candidates must reach out to the Hispanic electorate, whose weight is increasing.

And now Donald Trump brings, in terms expressing raw hostility to illegal immigrants shared by much of the Republican electorate, which is opposed to any regularization of their status. And it should have the chance to provide the opportunity for a first televised debate between the Republican candidates, August 6 in Cleveland. Hispanic voters will probably not be the only ones to see in him the face of a Republican Party.

On the same stage, several opponents of Donald Trump will be forced tightrope. They will want to denounce his views while providing the electorate adhering. This game will be all the more dangerous they will have to ensure not to cause the free electron. Because it has not ruled out campaigning for President as an independent, a scenario that scares the most serious Republicans.

But they will have only themselves to blame for the wrongs incurred and future. Donald Trump, it’s a bit their creature, the one they have given credibility by kiss from his ring in 2012 and refusing to address the problem of illegal immigration rationally.

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